Career and College Readiness (12x12)

Preparing students for success in school and beyond

Each student is on their own journey. Our job at Spring Lake Park Schools is to help students discover and prepare for their unique life, education and career path – from early childhood to high school.

When students leave the walls of Spring Lake Park Schools, we want them to have mastery over essential skills required for life, education and career success; exposure to college-level rigor; and, a sense of career paths that may bring them joy and success. Above all, each student should know themselves as a learner and know how they can unlock their learning for life. 

Earn College Credit, 12x12

A high school diploma is no longer enough. Increasingly, any path beyond high school requires some exposure to college-level rigor. When students engage in college-level coursework during high school, they have increased success, whether they choose a career or college path. That’s why our goal for each student is simple – 12 college-level credits by the end of 12th grade, or 12x12. Explore each of the options for earning college credit more deeply:

We offer many 12x12 options at the high school and many are within our Career and College Pathways Program to support career exploration. Click on the following image to understand how you can earn college credit and to compare your options.

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Each student can take their own unique route to accomplish 12x12. Click on the following image to explore five examples of routes a student may take. 

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The goal of the 12x12  is for each student to earn at least 12 college credits by the end of 12th grade.

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Explore Career and College Pathways

College-level experiences are available as students also explore potential career paths. Three Career Pathways each represent a predicted need for future jobs and provide real-world learning experiences. They are:

Students can explore courses within each pathway or choose to take all the courses in a single pathway as they look for their right-fit career.

Learn more about Career and College Pathways

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Develop core skills with AVID

AVID, Advancement in Individual Determination, for grades 6-12 opens possibilities for all students to develop academic, career, and life skills and strategies that are needed not only for more rigorous coursework, but in life beyond high school and college. 

Learn more about AVID

Each student is on their own journey. For each student there is a unique path where passions, interests, skills and talents come together to propel them beyond graduation to life, college and career success. We walk with each student to help them discover their path and prepare for their unique future, because each student’s success is our success.

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