Register for classes

Each school year offers a fresh opportunity to chart a course to career, college and life success. Here’s where you will find all the information you need to register for the 2024-2025 school year.

We want each student to graduate – on time – with identified plans for their future. Your high school experiences can help you discover your interests and learn how you learn best. We have so many options for you to explore career paths, earn college credits and gain real-world skills while you fulfill high school graduation requirements.

The choices you make now during registration help us plan for next year and set you on a path to continued learning at Spring Lake Park High School and far beyond. This is the time to chart the next steps toward your future goals. We’re here to help.

Take time to consider and plan. Review course options. Weigh what challenges and interests you. Consider your path for the future. Engage with teachers and staff who are here to consult with you and support you as you make your choices.

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The registration process supports intentional exploration and planning. It also provides the information we need to prepare course sections and determine staffing for the coming year. Course offerings are dependent on the number of students who sign up. Making sound decisions now that reflect your needs and goals is important. Here are the steps to follow:

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The Spring Lake Park High School administrators and counselors for personalized learning are here to support students as they develop their plans and make their course selections for next year. At any point in the process, reach out to the Student Services Office at 763-600-5130.

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Students have choices in how they learn. Many courses are offered in multiple modes – school-based, hybrid or online. Student can also co-create their own course with a teacher or gain credit through an alternative process.

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Today's students are building the skills they need to navigate a world of the future we can’t even imagine. We're focused on getting them ready for career, college, and life.

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Historically, approximately 85 percent of Spring Lake Park High School students participate in at least one athletic or co-curricular activity.

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