Family information nights and events

Spring Lake Park High School hosts a Kickoff and Registration event for incoming ninth grade students. In addition, there are opportunities for families of current 9th, 10th and 11th grade students to meet with teachers and learn more about career and college readiness opportunities at the high school.

Learn more about SLPHS

Learn more about what Spring Lake Park High School offers at these information nights and find more information below. 

High School Mentors
SLPHS Pathways Space

The facilities at Spring Lake Park High School are continuously evolving. Tour SLPHS and learn about:

  • Career and College Pathways Classrooms: as part of the effort to expand Career and College Pathways opportunities for high school students, several Career and College classrooms at SLPHS were renovated during summer 2018 to better fit current and future course offerings.
  • Flexible Learning Spaces: located throughout the building, these spaces feature flexible furniture that allow students to work independently during the school day to personalize their learning
  • Fine Arts Center: K-12 students in the district perform band, choral and theatrical productions in the FAC
  • Remodeled “C” Building: completed in September 2018, more classrooms and the media center space were renovated to be more flexible learning spaces. New furnishings were also added to the spaces.
  • Science Addition: completed in August 2017, this new space is changing the way students learn by increasing engagement through hands-on opportunities


If you have any questions about the information night, registration or Spring Lake Park High School, don't hesitate to call us at 763-600-5100.