Exchange Students

Each year, Spring Lake Park High School receives numerous requests to enroll exchange students from other countries. Several factors are considered when reviewing an application for enrollment; these factors are outlined below and in this document. The high school will accept up to five exchange students per year.

Enrollment Details

Placement Agency

  • The placement agency must be approved by the Secretary of State’s office
  • The placement agency must thoroughly screen applicants for 
    • Academic achievement in the native/home school including a full translated transcript to verify previous academic achievement 
    • English language proficiency in oral language, written language and reading
  • Student interest and support of both the home and host families
  • The placement agency must thoughtfully place students with appropriate home support and a commitment to the exchange student’s school and community engagement throughout the duration of the student’s stay
  • Spring Lake Park High School maintains relationships with the following placement agencies: 
    • AFS (up to 2 students)
    • Rotary (1 student)
    • SLPHS German student exchange program
    • Youth for Understanding or otherwise approved agency (1 student) 

Mastery of English

English language proficiency is important for the exchange student to have a positive experience.  Students must demonstrate adequate English language proficiency and provide documentation of proficiency with his/her application. 

Year in School/Need for Credits

  • The primary purpose of the exchange should be about the cultural experience of the study abroad experience.  Thus, the primary purpose should not be the accrual of credits, or a diploma from an American high school
  • The exchange program should be limited to the senior year in most circumstances
  • The exchange student will be granted an honorary diploma upon completion of a final year of study 

Host Family

  • The placement agency’s ability to find a responsive and effective host family is critical to the success of the placement
  • The host family must be willing and able to support the exchange student both academically and socially to maximize the student’s involvement throughout the exchange period
  • The host family or the exchange student’s own family must be willing to support the needs of the student financially 

Time of Year

Except under rare and special circumstances, placement should only be considered at the beginning of the school year.

Guidance and Questions

A prospective family or placement agency with questions regarding enrolling an exchange student at Spring Lake Park High School can contact Maria Norman at 763-600-5102.

Principal Matt Boucher welcoming exchange students