Student Announcements

Spring Lake Park High School publishes daily student announcements during the school year. Click through the categories below to read today's announcements.

These newsletters will also be sent via email to families on Wednesdays, along with student announcements that will be shared via email on Mondays and Fridays. If you are not receiving these emails, please review your contact information in Campus Parent Portal. If you still do not receive newsletter emails, please contact the High School at 763-600-5100.

In today's student announcements...

The Need to Know

Locker Information

All lockers must be cleaned out today, Thursday, June 6. Anything left in lockers will be thrown out.

Prepare your iPad for turn-in:

Bring your iPad to school charged, today, Thursday, May 6. Please backup all data on your iPad before turn-in on Thursday. Instructions will be provided by your advisors. 

Time will not be provided for backup on Thursday, and you will be required to wipe your iPad before turn-in

iPad chargers: if you are returning to Spring Lake Park High School next year, DO NOT turn-in your charger. 

Note: Full-time PSEO and full-time online students are required to turn-in their charger (and iPad)

If you are signed in to an Apple ID, make sure you know your password before Thursday. If you need to reset your Apple ID password, go to:

Note: The Technology Department cannot reset your Apple ID password for you

Library Check-out

There will be no more checkouts, and all book were due Thursday, May 30. The library will start putting in fees Monday, June 3.

Trimester III Student Parking Permit Information

We are now only selling daily parking permits at $3 each. All students parking at the school must have parking permit. Get them in the security shed before school.

Reminder: Absolutely no parking in either of the staff lots.