SLPSH German and Spanish teacher Wendy Hatchner smiling

Wendy Hatchner

Spring Lake Park High School

German and Spanish Teacher

What year did you start working in Spring Lake Park Schools? 

What does Career and College Readiness look like in your classroom?
I love having students who maybe thought they would never go to college. Guess what, you're a junior in high school and you have already completed college coursework and sometimes for them, that's a real eye-opener and they realize maybe I should start looking into some opportunities for my future that I never thought that I would do.

Side note regarding University of Mankato Spanish courses taught by Wendy and two of her Spanish teaching colleagues

  • Intermediate German 1003 and 1004 - through the University of MN College in the Schools program
  • Intermediate Spanish courses 201, 202 and 210 - through the Concurrent Enrollment Program with Minnesota State University, Mankato

Our Spanish immersion students can start taking these college courses in 9th grade. For other students, these courses are offered during their sophomore, junior and senior years.