SLP in a heart and supporting hand

With a verdict reached in the trial of Derek Chauvin and the recent death of Daunte Wright, emotions are high in our community. We’re focused on supporting students as they respond to current events and providing resources to families who may want them.

Recognizing that students will bring a different level of concerns, questions, and emotions, schools planned to have extra support available for students who may need it in the days following the trial verdict.

Resources for families

Families may be looking for resources to help children process current events. Here are a few of many resources available that families may find helpful:

At Spring Lake Park Schools, support for students is guided by a vision to value, inspire and create a sense of belonging for each student.

“Our vision is more than words,” said Jeff. “It guides our actions each day to provide an equitable, enriching learning environment where we commit to know each child by name, strength, interest and need. This is a place where we strive to ensure each young person and adult feels welcomed and invited.”

Families are encouraged to reach out to their child’s school principal in the coming days if they need additional support or have questions and concerns.