Personalized Learning


Each student in Spring Lake Park Schools is known by name, strength, interest and need, leading to personalized student work and learning experiences!


In Spring Lake Park Schools, learners are at the center of everything we do. Our vision is to create personalized and engaging experiences so that each student feels valued, inspired and has a sense of belonging, resulting in college readiness so that each student has aspirations for success. Guided by the learner’s needs and interests, learners and teachers work together using the following components to design a learning path to accomplish identified learning outcomes. By personalizing learning, we create the conditions for students to become powerful, independent and curious learners. The graphic shows our four main components of personalized learning:

  • Competency-Based Learning: Flexibility for learners to demonstrate mastery of rigorous academic, career and life skills competencies
  • Learner Profiles: Deeply knowing each learner to design engaging work and experiences
  • Personal Learning Maps: Learners, families and staff co-design learning goals for success in SLP and beyond
  • Flexible Learning Environments: Flexible use of time, space and resources to enhance learning

Personalized Learning and Systemic Innovation by Design


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To help parents and community members more deeply understand personalized learning and how it will be implemented in Spring Lake Park Schools, we are developing a series of videos. The first three videos in the series are included below:

The changing landscape of education

What is Personalized Learning?

How does it look in our schools?

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