Career and College Pathways

Career exploration is an important component of a student's experience at Spring Lake Park Schools. High school courses within our Pathways program provide students an opportunity to gain real-world experience, determine if a career path aligns with their interests and even earn college-level credit. 

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What are Career and College Pathways?

Career and College Pathways are sets of courses within specific industry and career sectors. Each Pathway represents a predicted need for future jobs. Courses provide real-world experience as students develop skills within a field and opportunities to explore different career options and even earn college credit. Students can sample courses in many Pathways or take all the courses within a specific Pathway as they prepare for additional post-secondary education, training or work opportunities after high school.

There are three pathways:

Why take a pathways course?

The Career and College Pathways are designed to give Spring Lake Park High School students an edge, regardless of the path they choose after high school. The goal is to provide opportunities for students to apply learning in different career fields. Students gain real-world experience while also preparing for their personal post-high school journey, whether they choose a career and technical program, associate degree, certification, four-year college degree, or employment. Each pathway includes the following:

  • Collaborative, project-based learning
  • Partnerships with local community members and businesses so students can learn from guest instructors, mentors, panelists, field experiences, simulations and projects
  • Core and elective credit options
  • Options for college credits
  • A focus on employability skills
  • Experiences that will help students make better decisions about their future, whether they pursue college or career options
  • Increased relevance of academic content
  • Accessibility and support for all students