Academic Support

By personalizing learning for each student, teachers at Spring Lake Park High School are able to know each student by name, strength, interest and need. Our personalized learning efforts include providing additional support to students who may need extra help.

One of the ways we provide academic support to students is through our “concepts” courses. These are full-year courses offered in language arts, algebra and geometry. The courses are designed to deliver traditional content using a highly personalized approach to accelerate student learning. These courses help students meet and exceed grade level targets and skills necessary to be successful in future courses.

Another way academic support is provided to students at the high school is through the Contract for Credit option. If a student fails a course, but meets many of the learning targets included in the course, they may be eligible for Contract for Credit. This option allows students to redo some assignments, projects or tests to improve their previous scores, rather than taking the entire class over again. Teachers recommend students for the Contract for Credit option.