Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten students in Spring Lake Park Schools are exposed to many learning experiences that introduce, reinforce and extend their knowledge.

Language Arts

Kindergarten students learn to communicate through listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking. While learning to read independently, kindergarteners continue to build language and comprehension through listening to high-quality literature and informational text. Students collaborate and converse with each other to share ideas and gain other perspectives. Kindergarteners use a combination of drawing, dictating and writing to compose narrative and informative texts.

Social Studies 

Kindergarten students learn about themselves in relation to their school, families and community. Students demonstrate skills that reflect an understanding of civic values, explore the impact of consequences on themselves and their community, and discover similarities and differences amongst people.


Kindergarten students learn essential math skills as they count, compare, write and represent numbers. Students will begin to compare objects through measurements, collect and organize data, and describe and name shapes.


Kindergarten students learn about plants, animals, seasonal changes and characteristics of living and non-living things. Students will learn to observe, sort, compare and describe the world around them.

Teacher working with student on iPad


Kindergarten students learn how behaviors impact personal health and how to stay safe at home, school and in the community. Students will focus on fire safety, when and how to call 911, and how to express emotions in a healthy manner.

Kindergarten Specialist

Kindergarten students will spend 45 minutes each day with a kindergarten specialist to focus on developing communication skills, teamwork strategies and personal responsibility. Students will have the opportunity to apply these strategies and skills through choice and STEM activities, all while building social and cultural proficiency. Students will be engaged daily through movement, music and art.