Why choose Spring Lake Park Schools?

  • Learn from recent graduates and new teachers why they chose to be Spring Lake Park Schools' Panthers!

    In Their Own Words: New Teachers

    When teachers are hired in our district, they are asked, “why they choose Spring Lake Park Schools.” One of the quotes we heard from several teachers this year was, “I didn’t apply anywhere else – I wanted to be at Spring Lake Park.” Here are a few more quotes from our new teachers about why they wanted to be part of Spring Lake Park Schools:

    • “I worked with Señora Linares (Woodcrest principal) in the past. She’s a mentor – she builds community, not just a school.” New teacher, Woodcrest Spanish Immersion
    • “I had multiple job offers across the metro area. I chose Woodcrest because of how the team made me feel in the interview process. I’m so excited to work in an immersion school with such a great balance of native Spanish speakers and with others who have the passion to speak Spanish including the students.” New teacher, Woodcrest Spanish Immersion
    • “Sam Howard ( Northpoint grade 1 teacher) talked to me and couldn’t say enough great things about Northpoint and Spring Lake Park Schools.” New teacher, Northpoint
    • “I had a chance to teach here last year in a long-term sub position and couldn’t wait to return.” New teacher, Park Terrace
    • “I’m coming from out of state. I love this district and school hasn’t started yet. I’ve already connected with teachers from my previous district and told them about my new dream job and new school.” New teacher, Westwood Intermediate
    • “I could have easily stayed in a position in another district. After interacting with SLP teachers at an event last spring, I knew that SLP is the place I need to be. Innovation is a value, not someone else’s job.” New teacher, Westwood Middle
    • “I love the ‘No Excuses.’ Most often this means that children must do an arbitrary task or else. To me, it means I will be working with other educators who have similar values for ensuring each child will be college ready.” New teacher, SLPHS
    • “I started working at SLP as a coach last year. I’ve been in a neighboring district for 17+ years. After working with other coaches and seeing how SLP operates, I needed to be here. My wife and I moved our family here. It’s a huge risk for me, but I know it’s the place I want to raise my family and work.


    In Their Own Words: Class of 2016

    As the Spring Lake Park High School Class of 2016 was preparing to receive their diplomas, we asked them this question: “How has Spring Lake Park Schools prepared you for your future?” Here is a sampling of what we heard:

    “I have gained so much knowledge not only in the classes that I have taken, but also in how to be the best person that I can be. A lot of what I have learned has come from the time that my teachers have put in to make me the best student I can be.”
    Maddy Iskierka

    “Spring Lake Park Schools impacted my life for the better in numerous ways. I met teachers who have become some of the most influential people in my life and have challenged me to be more than I thought I was ever capable of. I found genuine, quality people who I can say without a doubt will be apart of my life for many years to come. The school has given me a place to flourish and find my passions in life. I was given the choice to choose where I went to high school and I will always be thankful I picked Spring Lake Park Schools.”
    Elleanne Matthews 

    “I have had many great teachers who have pushed me in class to excel, which will help me work hard in my future. Many staff members at SLP have pushed me to show my true talents.”
    Marissa Rockenbach

    “Spring Lake Park has provided me with teachers who really care about me, who want to see me succeed, and who push me to think critically in order to prepare me for the future.”
    Jenny Bostan 

    "Spring Lake Park High School has prepared me for my future by showing me that hard work pays off and success is not impossible.”
    Amira Shanaa

    “SLPHS has prepared me for my future by providing me with amazing teachers and staff that supported me and wanted me to succeed.”
    Hamdia Abdo


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