Professional Learning

  • The purpose of professional learning in Spring Lake Park Schools is to continuously enhance the learning of all students by engaging all staff in ongoing learning and support that continuously and collaboratively develops their knowledge and skills.

    Professional learning is essential to accomplishing high achievement for all students. Spring Lake Park School’s Learning Community Framework purposefully integrates professional learning with the continuous improvement planning process at the school and PLC level, as well as within our practices related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

teachers working together
  • Assumptions and Beliefs that Guide our Work

    In alignment with the Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning and definition of professional learning, professional learning in Spring Lake Park schools:

    • Creates and sustains a learning organization focused on student and staff learning throughout the district, fostering a norm of continuous improvement in the daily work of each school and all staff;
    • Is results-based, using a backwards planning model that ensures coherent, sustained and evidence-based professional learning strategies beginning with a clear focus on student learning;
    • Provides ongoing, long-term focus and support to ensure improvement, is job-embedded in nature, and provides for staff to learn and work together several times each week;
    • Aligns with the school’s and district’s strategic framework and continuous improvement goals;
    • Recognizes that change is dynamic and is an individual and organizational process that must be planned effectively to meet the varying needs of staff;
    • Is data-driven, evaluated for effectiveness beyond staff satisfaction, using multiple sources of information to identify evidence of success in student learning. This takes place on a regular basis so that plans can be adjusted to meet the learning needs of students and staff. 

    SLP Academy

    SLP Academy is our professional learning academy that provides staff throughout the district with a variety of learning opportunities that align with district strategic initiatives and projects. Topics for SLP Academy are determined through examination of student learning needs, curriculum development and implementation schedules, emerging evidence-based practices, and information gathered from staff.

    Three sessions of SLP Academy are offered throughout the year: winter, spring, and summer. The educational services team works with internal and external staff as appropriate to design and facilitate courses. Participation in SLP Academy is required as part of the new teacher induction program, and is optional for all other staff. Participants receive one board credit; teachers at MA+60 may choose to receive a stipend. Questions regarding SLP Academy can be directed to