English Learners

  • The Spring Lake Park Schools English Learners Program strives to foster student’s language needs and development by giving them the academic, life and career skills needed to succeed. We believe in a shared responsibility, working interdependently and collaboratively to meet the needs of our English Language Learners.  

    We offer a multi-tiered system of support for English Learners where each teacher has a distinct and complimentary role to provide.

EL graphic
  • We believe

    • Students learn language and culture through meaningful use and interaction
    • Students' home, school, and community experiences influence their language development
    • Students' academic language development in their native language facilitates their academic language development in English. Conversely, students' academic language development in English informs their academic language development in their native language.
    • Students develop language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing interdependently, but at different rates and in different ways
    • Students' development of academic language and academic content knowledge are inter-related processes
    • Students' development of social, instructional, and academic language, a complex and long-term process, is the foundation for their success in school
    • Students' access to instructional tasks requiring complex thinking is enhanced when linguistic complexity and instructional support match their levels of language proficiency

    WIDA Guiding Principals for Language Development, 2010 Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System. www.wida.us