Welcome, New Families!

  • High expectations, high achievement for all. No excuses.

    Welcome to Spring Lake Park Schools! We are a vibrant school community serving about 5,700 students from the suburbs of Blaine, Fridley and Spring Lake Park, in the northern Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. Our district purpose -- “High expectations, high achievement for all. No excuses” – provides our focus to meet the unique and varied needs of each student. 

    We currently have two K-3 elementary schools, a K-5 Spanish immersion school, a grades 4-5 intermediate school, a grades 6-8 middle school, a grades 9-12 high school, a school for highly-gifted students ages 6-18, and an online distance-learning program. There are also a variety of early learning programs offered for families. 

    The district’s student enrollment has increased by about 1,100 students in the past 10 years and is projected to increase about 1,000 more students in the next 10 years. The district has conducted an ongoing facilities study to plan for additional classroom spaces to accommodate more students.

    Spring Lake Park Schools is known for creating a culture of innovation, creativity and design thinking. We are working to create a system – a culture with a methodology and set of processes – where teachers and staff have the freedom and flexibility to try something different. Click here to learn more about how we embrace innovation and design thinking.

    Why is this important? It’s not only about trying something different or doing something new. It’s about increasing student engagement and learning by continually enhancing the work we ask students to do. It’s about enriching our relationships with families and our community, and how they experience our schools and systems. It’s about how teachers and staff continually improve their practice by implementing ideas and then refining those ideas as they assess effectiveness. And it’s about how our teachers and staff learn from one another and bring successful practices to scale to all students can benefit. Click here to learn more about how we do things differently.

    Innovation is more than an idea in Spring Lake Park Schools. We provide our teachers and staff with the processes and tools they need to turn their ideas into meaningful innovations to improve learning for students. We invite you to learn more about Spring Lake Park Schools and consider our district as the educational home for your family.

    Click here to read the 50 reasons why we're proud to be Panthers!

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