Meet the School Board

school board group photo
  • Front: Dr. Jeff Ronneberg, Superintendent; John Stroebel, Chairperson; Jodi Ruch, Vice-Chairperson; Kelly Delfs, Director Back: Jim Amundson, Treasurer; Marilynn Forsberg, Director, Parliamentarian; Amy Hennen, Clerk; Tony Easter, Director

    Student School Board Representatives 

    The School Board consists of seven at-large elected members and the Superintendent, who is an ex officio member.

    During the school year, the school board welcomes two student representatives from the high school student council. They can participate in discussions and ask questions, but are non-voting members.

      Emily Lall                   
            Emily Lall         
             Grade 12                                
     Student Representative     
  • John Stroebel, Chairperson | 763-600-5520

    A resident of Blaine, John has been married for 23 years and he and his wife have four children.  He is employed at CVRx, Inc. Prior to beginning his School Board service in 2006, John was a member of the Facilities Utilization Task Force, volunteered on the efforts to pass the resulting bond referendum, and was a member of the Strategic Framework Advisory Committee. As a School Board member, John has served on four teacher negotiations committees and has been a liaison to each of the district’s schools. He has served as the Board’s vice-chairperson beginning in 2010 before becoming chairperson in 2013.

    Jodi Ruch, Vice-Chairperson | 763-600-5526

    Jodi has been a resident of Blaine for most of her life.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. She and her husband Nate have four sons, two in the Spring Lake Park School District and two recently graduated from Spring Lake Park High School.  Her active-in-sports sons ensure that she spends a great deal of time around fields and basketball courts. Before election to the Board in 2005 Jodi Served on the school district’s Systems Improvement Advisory Council (SIAC) committee and Facilities Utilization Task Force, attending nearly 50 meetings to help shape the resulting bond referendum. She also worked with teenagers for over a decade at Emmanuel Christian Center. Now in her ninth year on the Board, Jodi has been the Board’s clerk, Treasurer, vice-chair, liaison to the Athletic Committee and served as a school board liaison to almost every school in our district. Jodi works for the Minnesota Judicial Branch in the CAAP program as an account technician.

    Jim Amundson, Treasurer | 763-600-5527

    A Blaine resident, Jim and wife Beth have daughter and two sons.  Since 2002 he has been director, president, and CEO of First Advantage Bank in Coon Rapids. Most recently he was elected to the School Board in November 2011, but previously served on the Board from 2000-2008, including 5 years as chairperson.  He was involved in the redevelopment of the Panther Foundation and served on its board. Jim is former chairperson of the Mercy & Unity Hospital Foundation Board, former chairperson of the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Foundation Board, and past-president and current member of the Coon Rapids Rotary Club.  He was recently elected to a 3-year team on the Board of Directors for the Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota.

    Amy Hennen, Clerk | 763-600-5522

    Amy is an 11-year resident of Blaine. She and her husband Scott Nielsen have a son attending Spring Lake Park High School and a daughter attending Westwood Middle School. Prior to her election to the School Board in November 2011 Amy was Northpoint Elementary PTO president, served on the Panther Foundation Board of Directors, Community Advisory Council, co-chaired the Legislative Action Committee and co-chaired the community’s Kids First Committee in 2011. In addition to serving as the Board's Clerk, Amy is liaison to Northpoint Elementary, a member of the Teacher Contract Negotiating Committee and takes part in Minnesota School Board Association leadership training. She also attended the National School Board Association's annual meeting this past March.


    Kelly Delfs, Director | 763-600-5524

    Kelly is a Spring Lake Park resident and has lived in the school district community for 35 years.  She and her husband Brad have four grown children and one grandchild. Kelly is a 23-year member of the Spring Lake Park School District School Board.  Throughout her tenure she has served as Board liaison to each of the district’s schools and she says she “served on probably every school-community committed, council, and task force as least once during this time”. Kelly is the recipient of numerous awards and honors.  She was selected to serve as an Ambassador to Education by the Minnesota School Boards Association. As part of these duties Kelly spoke to community groups on the topic of public education for three years. 


    Marilynn Forsberg, Director, Parliamentarian | 763-600-5523

    Marilynn is a fifty year resident of Spring Lake Park where she and husband Fred raised four Spring Lake Park grad sons who in turn have made Marilynn a four time grandmother.  She is a 33 year member of the Spring Lake Park School District school board and is currently the third longest serving school board member in Minnesota. Marilynn served the board as chairperson or vice chairperson for 21 years, clerk for 3 years, treasurer for 1 year and director for 8 years.  She has served as liaison to all schools and on nearly every school community committee, council and task force that exists. Marilynn is a recipient of the Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) Director's Award, President's Award, 2015 Arlene Bush School Board Member of Distinction Award, and was recognized as Minnesota School Board Member of the Year (MSBA All-State School Board).  She has served as chairperson of the Association of Metropolitan School Districts, vice chair of Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District, vice chair of East Metro Integration District school board, on the MSBA Board of Directors and on the Panther Foundation Board of Directors. She was once honored with WCCO Radio's Good Neighbor Award for her volunteer work.  She is active in her church and is president of her homeowners association. Marilynn is a graduate of Westmar University and a retired medical technologist. She began her "school career" as a paraprofessional at Spring Lake Park's Kenneth Hall Elementary School.

    Tony Easter, Director | 763-600-5521

    Tony is a 20-year resident of Spring Lake Park and began his first term as a School Board member for Spring Lake Park Schools in January 2016.  He holds a Business Administration degree from University of Northwestern.  He and his wife Deneen have a son and daughter attending Spring Lake Park High School.  Since 2007, Tony has been a contractor and IT Specialist/System Administrator for IBM.  Prior to his election to the School Board, Tony was a member of the Spring Lake Park Schools Community Facilities Design Team.  Tony served as a board member for Emma B. Howe YMCA and continues to volunteer as a boy scout leader.


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