Educational Services

teacher working with student
  • During the 2017-2018 school year, Educational Services staff is working in partnership with school leadership teams to design and implement the following district operational plan projects aligned with strategic anchors and initiatives:

    Strategic Initiative: Innovative and Personalized Learning

    • Competency-based Learning: Continue to develop and implement the elements of competency-based learning to effectively measure and ensure student learning of ELOs and essential skills and dispositions
    • Learner Profiles and Maps: Continue design and implementation of Learner Profiles and Personal Learning Maps to enhance student and family involvement in designing student experiences and goals
    • Systemic Innovation by Design: Continue creation of a systemic culture of innovation among all district staff through the implementation of design-thinking processes and tool

    Strategic Anchor: Engaged and Enthusiastic Learners

    Align work of adults to continuously improve personalized instruction and responsiveness to meet our students’ unique and varied needs.

    • Enhanced Student Engagement by Design: Continue to enhance student engagement through design of student work and experiences by utilizing varied instructional practices with an emphasis on blended learning, resulting in a teacher warehouse that provides multiple resources and opportunities for professional dialogue
    • Pathways to College and Career Readiness and “12 x 12”: Review, refine, and/or develop pathways in grades 7-12 for 12x12 college and career readiness and exploration
    • Inviting Student Learning Environment: Provide professional learning to support implementation of school and staff expectations and practices, leading to culturally proficient learning communities that develop skills and dispositions of powerful learners
    • Online and Hybrid Learning: Develop online and hybrid courses to replace GradPoint and align to SLP essential learning outcomes
    • K-12 Math Study: Complete K-12 math study, identify K-12 core and targeted math course offerings, instructional practices, and resources, and design implementation for fall 2018
    • Accelerating Student Learning: Monitor continued implementation of K-12 academic interventions and focus on design and implementation of EL programming to effectively accelerate the learning and achievement of each learner