World’s Best Workforce Report

High expectations. High achievement for all. No excuses.

Our vision to have every student prepared for college is bold and aspirational. As a district, we are collectively committed to taking whatever actions are necessary every day to design engaging learning experiences for each student. 

We are moving toward this vision through a combination of improvement and innovation. Improvement means getting better at the things we are already doing. We strive to continuously improve all parts of our system. At the same time – and most importantly – we are focused on doing things differently through innovation.

We know that to achieve our vision we must innovate and change how teachers teach and students learn. We are working to create a culture where innovation can occur rather than prescribing what should happen. We are doing what we can to unleash the ingenuity of our staff to think differently about how we might achieve better results with students.

In this year's World's Best Work Force Report, we have included the following items to describe what we are doing to improve learning for each student:

I invite you to read through the many topics in this section. We are proud of the accomplishments we have achieved and are focused on our vision of preparing each child to be ready for college. Your support of our district is greatly appreciated.

- Superintendent Jeff Ronneberg