District Policies

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If you have questions about the polices, please contact Karen Stifter, Superintendent's Administrative Assistant, at 763-600-5020 or kstift@district16.org.


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Personnel - Series 400

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Policies Under Revision and New Policies up for Approval

New or revised policies require board review and action at two meetings. The first reading initiates policy review and is posted below following board action. A policy may be refined after the first reading and prior to the presentation to the board for second reading. A policy presented for second reading will be posted below when the board agenda is made available. The board adopts new or revised policies through approval of a second reading

First Reading

The following policy was presented to the Board at the Nov. 12, 2019 regular meeting to initiate review:

721 Uniform Grant Guidance


Second Reading

To be presented to Board for adoption: