Facilities Projects at Westwood

The Spring Lake Park Schools facilities project includes renovation and redesign projects at each school. The following projects were completed in summer 2018 and ready for the 2018-2019 school year.

  • Renovation of team teaching space into a STEM maker space
  • Install furnishings to make spaces more flexible
  • Remodeling of music classrooms
  • Changes to classroom spaces to showcase learning

Below are examples of the facilities projects completed at Westwood.

The Den at Westwood

What once was a room full of large wooden bookcases, tables and chairs, the Westwood media center was transformed into a studying haven for students. Known as “The Den,” students work in flexible and engaging spaces that adapt to their learning needs.

Student collaborating together in The Den
Students on their iPads hanging out in The Den
Student lounging in The Den

Westwood Looping Pod

Westwood’s looping pod was redesigned to allow for projects and activities that involve collaboration, flexible thinking and problem solving.

A group of boys smiling while working on course work
A teacher instructing students in a classroom
Westwood students raising their hands

Second Driveway at Westwood

Construction of a second driveway and entrance at Westwood was completed in August 2017. The second entrance was built to separate parent and staff vehicles from bus traffic.

Westwood driveway
student coming off the bus

Team Classrooms

Four classrooms were redesigned for a seventh grade team. Teachers have more flow between their classrooms, which has created more opportunities for collaboration, innovation and personalized learning.

Westwood flexible furniture science classroom