History and Background

The district’s Facilities Project began in 2010 as a multi-year, three-phase study to examine the need for additional facilities to accommodate projected enrollment growth. This study resulted in the development of a Master Facilities Plan in 2010, which is reviewed and updated annually. The most recent phase of this study began in 2014-2015.

The facilities planning process included the involvement of hundreds of community members, parents and staff members in the study, design, planning, and phasing of projects. The initial phase of the study resulted in the construction of classroom additions at Northpoint and Park Terrace, established the Spanish Immersion School at Woodcrest, and included necessary ongoing maintenance projects to protect past community investments in facilities.

At the beginning of phase two of the facilities project, the school board developed a Guiding Change document to provide direction for the facilities study and planning. As part of the document, the board outlined the desired results of the planning process, which included:

The options created will:

  • Identify long-term facility options that will effectively manage current and future enrollment trends, meeting early learning needs and ultimately a projected K-12 enrollment of up to 6,500 students
  • Provide flexible learning spaces that create conditions for staff to enhance student engagement and meet their individual and varied learning needs
  • Provide flexibility in educational programming with the ability to adapt as necessary to emerging influences and changing conditions
  • Identify structures and options that are viable, utilize fiscal and human resources effectively and position the district for programmatic effectiveness and fiscal health in the future

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