Centerview Elementary Projects

Centerview Elementary School, a new preK-4 school, opened in September for the 2018-2019 school year.

Funds for the construction of the school came from a bond referendum approved by district residents in April 2016. The new school is needed to avoid current and projected overcrowding due to increasing student enrollment. The Elementary Core Design Team, made up of elementary teachers, staff and parents, worked with architects from Wold Architects and Engineers to design the building.

The school is located near the National Sports Center at 105th and Davenport in Blaine. View video updates of construction, additional information and images of the school below. 

Welcome to Centerview Elementary

Facilities Video update

Poof...from dirt to Centerview Elementary in 46 seconds!

More About Centerview Elementary

Choosing the Site

Centerview ariel

The school district has conducted an extensive study of multiple sites throughout the district. The following options were considered as sites for the new preK-4 elementary school, named Centerview Elementary:

  • Site at the northwest corner near Lexington and 109th
  • Site owned by the Metropolitan Airports Commission near 85thAvenue Northeast and Highway 10
  • Various sites at the National Sports Center (NSC)

While the above sites were the final three options, the district studied the feasibility and viability of sites throughout the district. 

After more than a year of research, planning and discussion, the decision was made to have the new preK-4 elementary school to be located on property currently owned by the National Sports Center, near the intersection of Davenport Street and 105th Avenue, pending city approval. There are numerous benefits of locating the new school on the NSC site:

  • The purchase and development costs were significantly less expensive than other options. This site will save an estimated $3 million after the cost of purchase, soil remediation and land development, and off-site improvements
  • The savings in land costs allows the district to use those resources to enhance learning spaces for our students at the new school and other schools throughout the district
  • The site will be approximately 25 acres with an option to purchase an additional 3.6 acres in 2019 when NSC’s Velodrome contract expires. The site provides extensive green space for elementary programming during the school day, as well as high school athletics and activities beyond the school day. This space will the equivalent of five soccer fields of green space when the school opens. This provides more total acreage and green space than the other options.
  • All green space on the site will be usable, compared to other sites where much of the land was wetland that would not be usable for outdoor instructional space or athletics
  • This was the optimal site for managing school traffic. The site provides multiple entrance/exit points, separates bus and parent traffic, and minimizes school traffic on local streets by allowing “stacking” of parent traffic on site (lining up of cars before and after school)
  • The site is optimal for bus transportation and boundary planning as it is most centrally located in the district compared to other options
  • The NSC comprehensive plan includes reimagining the site as a park for the City of Blaine, providing trails throughout the site, including to the school
  • There are numerous partnership opportunities with NSC for elementary programming, as well as secondary CTE and STEM programming. In addition, there are unique opportunities being explored with the Minnesota United in the future 

Prior to selecting the NSC site, the district conducted parking and traffic studies:

  • Parking Study Summary – A parking study was conducted by civil engineers with SRF Consulting Group at the NSC site. Findings indicate that existing parking is sufficient for current programming, as well as after the school is constructed.
  • Traffic Study Summary – A traffic study was conducted by civil engineers with SRF Consulting Group. The study of traffic patterns indicates that existing infrastructure at 105th and Davenport is sufficient to effectively manage school-associated traffic, and possible improvements on 105th will further enhance infrastructure. 

As stated previously, the NSC site was significantly less expensive than the other options. The specifics of the purchase agreement between the district and NSC include the following:

  • The district is purchasing 11 acres including the school site, onsite parking and green space
  • The district will have joint use of an additional 10 acres of green space, and 4.5 acres of parking
  • The site will be approximately 25 acres of use when the school opens and the option to purchase additional space as desired
  • The district will have the option to purchase an additional 3.6 acres in 2019, where the Velodrome is currently located
  • The cost to the district is about $1.4 million, which includes $346,000 for the land, $700,000 for the construction of a parking lot, and $416,000 for soil remediation

“The National Sports Center could not be more excited about this innovative public-public partnership with Spring Lake Park Schools,” said Todd Johnson, NSC executive director. “The new elementary school on our campus will bring people onto our campus at a time of day when we are traditionally quiet – during the daytime hours on school days. This collaboration will serve as a unique incubator as well, leading to innovative, creative and groundbreaking innovations for students.”

Facilities Video Updates

The district provided regular video updates of Centerview Elementary throughout the construction progress.

Click here to view video updates on our YouTube channel

Fun Facts

In the construction of Centerview, the following amounts of products were used in the school:

  • 1,450 gallons of paint
  • 209,896 bricks
  • 57 miles of wire
  • 88 miles of data cabling
  • 3,094 casters for flexible furniture
  • 294 moveable wall panels
Centerview Elementary School
Centerview playground
Centerview Main Entry
Centerview lunchroom
Centerview Learning Commons area
Centerview Learning Studio and STEM Makerspace
Centerview Learning Studio and STEM Makerspace
Centerview students in Makerspace