Student Services

The Special Education and Student Services Department supports all students by addressing barriers to learning and enhancing healthy development. 

Our department ensures that student learning needs are met through classroom instruction, intervention, special education services and direct student and family assistance. Services that fall under the umbrella of our department include behavioral intervention, special education, health services, school psychology, student and family advocates, and early childhood special education. 

Student Support Services Administrative Team

The Student Support Services Administrative Team provides leadership, coordination, communication, training and support to district special education professionals, paraprofessional staff and building child study teams to ensure the implementation and compliance of special education programs and services for every student with a disability receiving special education in the district.

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Anthony Mayer

Anthony Mayer

Director of Student Services

Responsibilities include:

  • Special Education Services
  • Health Services
  • Student and Family Advocates
  • School Psychology
  • Section 504 plans
  • Special Education Parent Advisory Council
  • American Indian Education


Sarah Byrdziak
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Emily Peterson 

Special Services District Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Early Childhood Special Education Services
  • Elementary Special Education Services
  • Elementary Out of District Placements
  • Contracted Services
  • Speech/Language Services
  • Extended School Year – ECSE/Elementary
Kaline Sandven

Kaline Sandven 

Special Services District Coordinator

Responsibilities include:

  • Secondary Special Education Services
  • Special Education Transition Services
  • Secondary Out of District Placements
  • Developmental Adapted Physical Education
  • Occupational/Physical Therapy Services
  • Extended School Year – Secondary
Jill Tessman

Jill Tessman 

Student and Familky Advocate Leadership

Responsibilities include:

  • Student and Family Advocates
  • School-based Mental Health
  • Parent Academy
Kittry Conradi

Kittry Conradi 

Student Health Services Leadership

Responsibilities include:

  • Nursing Services
  • Third Party Billing