Health Services

The priority of Spring Lake Park Schools' Health Services is to promote student health and wellness.

We do that by:

  • Managing chronic health conditions
  • Identifying health-related barriers to learning
  • Promoting a safe and healthy school environment 
  • Reducing illness-related absences
  • Providing annual screenings
  • Planning for medical emergencies
  • Preventing spread of communicable diseases
  • Assessing and treating students' illnesses and injuries
  • Administering medication when needed
  • Maintaining students' health records
  • Ensuring immunization records meet compliance standards
  • Developing Individual Health Plans (IHPs) for students with significant health concerns
  • Implementing health-related services on Individual Education Plans (IEPs), as requested by special education
Health services office at Woodcrest

Contact Us

Spring Lake Park High School

Attendance: 763-600-5109
Emma Olson, BSN, RN, PHN, LSN, 763-600-5104
Danelle (Nellie) Moody, LPN, 763-600-5104

Westwood Intermediate and Middle School

Attendance: 763-600-5309
Amanda Boss, BSN, RN, PHN, 763-600-5304
Amy McDevitt, LPN, 763-600-5319

Centerview Elementary

Attendance: 763-600-5509
Shelly Olson, LPN, 763-600-5504

Park Terrace Elementary

Attendance: 763-600-5609
Krista Havlik, 763-600-5604

Northpoint Elementary

Attendance: 763-600-5709
Tammy Eidem, RN, 763-600-5704

Woodcrest Spanish Immersion

Attendance: 763-600-5809
Isabel Devon, 763-600-5804

Lighthouse School

Attendance: 763-600-5209
Danelle (Nellie) Moody, LPN, 763-600-5104

Early Childhood

Attendance: 763-600-5909
Danelle (Nellie) Moody, LPN, 763-600-5941

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