Educational Services

The Educational Services department has oversight of all learning and teaching processes across the district.

The core purpose of the department is to operate as a true service center to schools by providing high-quality, learner-centered, educational services that equip and support the schools in meeting the district’s vision for the future. The Educational Services department has oversight of the following areas:

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Hope Rahn

Dr. Hope Rahn

Director of Learning and Innovation

Hope Rahn has served as the Director of Learning & Innovation for Spring Lake Park Schools since July 2015. Hope has oversight of all aspects of learning and teaching and consistently challenges mental models, paradigms, and practices as we design a new system of education that meets the expectations and needs of our world both today and in the future. Ultimately, Hope encourages design thinking mindsets and processes that create the conditions for teachers and students to co-create experiences that make learning more relevant for each learner in terms of who they are, how they learn, and where they want to go — leading to powerful, joy-filled learners who are engaged with the world around them.

Hope has spent her entire career in education in Spring Lake Park Schools, and has previously served as director of continuous improvement & learning analytics, coordinator for student services, and school psychologist. She holds a PhD in educational psychology, an EdS and MSEd in school psychology, and a BA in psychology and elementary education.

Colleen McMurtry

Colleen McMurtry

Management Assistant

Responsibilities include:

  • Department and specialized budgets
  • Title I, II, III & IV
  • System Improvement Advisory Council
  • Curricular resources
Amy Bjurlin

Amy Bjurlin

Coordinator of Curriculum and Learning Design

Responsibilities include:

  • Primary steward of K-12 Curriculum, including the phases of the Curriculum Continuous Improvement Process, Resources, Curriculum Leads

Kim Fehringer

Coordinator of Gifted and Talented

Responsibilities include:

  • Gifted Services K-12
  • Early Entrance to Kindergarten
  • Principal on Assignment: K-4 Extended Flexible Learning
Lindsay Johnson

Lindsay Johnson

Coordinator of Teacher Learning and Support

Responsibilities include:

  • New staff welcome

  • Support transition from preschool to kindergarten

  • Support innovative and personalized learning at Park Terrace Elementary

Elizabeth Nelsen

Elizabeth Nordgren

Coordinator of Design, Engagement and Personalized Learning

Responsibilities include:

  • Project lead for Innovative and Personalized Learning at Spring Lake Park High School

  • Primary steward of competency-based learning districtwide

  • District and school support for human-centered design thinking

  • Facilitation of ideas through levels of innovation

Jerelyne Nemanich

Jerelyne Nemanich

Coordinator of Learning Technology and Professional Learning

Responsibilities include:

  • Learning Technology Systems
  • Design & Implementation of Learning Technology
  • Hybrid and online course development
  • District and school professional learning plans
Melissa Olson

Melissa Olson

Coordinator of Curriculum & Learning Design for Career and College Pathways

Responsibilities include:

  • District Project Lead for Innovative and Personalized Learning
  • Districtwide Professional Learning
  • Primary steward for Career and College Readiness K-12

Kris Skeate

Kris Skeate

Data and Continuous Improvement Support Specialist

Responsibilities include:

  • Manage standardized testing schedules and logistics
  • Provide on-site assistance with standardized testing as needed
  • Assist with data requests and analytics

Kelly Stewart

Coordinator of Learning Analytics

Responsibilities include:

  • Balanced assessment system

  • Program evaluation and research

  • Data analytics and visualizations


Lisa Switzer

Lisa Switzer

Innovative and Personalized Learning Coordinator- Westwood Intermediate and Middle School

Responsibilities include:

  • Project lead for Innovative and Personalized Learning at Westwood Intermediate and Middle School
  • AVID District Director