Educational Services

The Educational Services department has oversight of all learning and teaching processes across the district.

The core purpose of the department is to operate as a true service center to schools by providing high-quality, learner-centered, educational services that equip and support the schools in meeting the district’s vision for the future. The Educational Services department has oversight of the following areas:

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Hope Rahn

Dr. Hope Rahn

Director of Learning and Innovation

Responsibilities include:

  • Development and oversight of district operational plan projects related to engaged, enthusiastic learners and innovative and personalized learning
  • Partner with district administration and principals on the design and implementation of learning and teaching strategies that lead to high levels of both adult and student learning
  • Oversight of areas including curriculum and learning design, professional learning, learning technology, design & innovation, assessment & analytics, gifted & talented learners, English language learners, and federal and state grants and funding
Colleen McMurtry

Colleen McMurtry

Management Assistant

Responsibilities include:

  • Department and specialized budgets
  • Title I, II, III
  • Professional learning
  • Curricular resources
Amy Bjurlin

Amy Bjurlin

Coordinator of Curriculum and Learning Design

Responsibilities include:

  • K-12 English & Spanish Language Arts, Social Studies, Art, Music
  • Elementary Math
  • English Learner programming
Lindsay Johnson

Lindsay Johnson

Coordinator of Teacher Learning and Support

Responsibilities include:

  • New staff welcome and new teacher induction
  • Professional learning academy for teachers
  • Support of continuous improvement & innovation coaches
  • Support implementation of professional learning communities
Elizabeth Nelsen

Elizabeth Nordgren

Coordinator of Design, Engagement and Personalized Learning

Responsibilities include:

  • District and school support for human-centered design thinking
  • Innovation cultivation
  • Facilitation of ideas through levels of innovation
  • Project lead on innovative and personalized learning
Jerelyne Nemanich

Jerelyne Nemanich

Coordinator of Learning Technology and Professional Learning

Responsibilities include:

  • Learning management system
  • Digital curriculum and learning design
  • Hybrid and online course development
  • District and school professional learning plans
Melissa Olson

Melissa Olson

Coordinator of Curriculum & Learning Design for Career and College Pathways

Responsibilities include:

  • Secondary career and college pathways (career and technical education)
  • Embedded college
  • Advanced Placement

Kris Skeate

Kris Skeate

Data and Continuous Improvement Support Specialist

Responsibilities include:

  • Manage standardized testing schedules and logistics
  • Provide on-site assistance with standardized testing as needed
  • Assist with data requests and analytics

Kelly Stewart

Coordinator of Learning Analytics

Responsibilities include:

  • Program evaluation
  • Institutional research
  • Data analytics and visualizations


Lisa Switzer

Lisa Switzer

Coordinator of Curriculum and Learning Design

Responsibilities include:

  • K-12 Science, STEM, and Physical Education/Health
  • Secondary Math and World Languages
  • AVID