Music: Learning Approach and Health and Safety

Meaningful and safe music education opportunities continued to be offered to students in Modified Campus Schedule (Hybrid) and Extended Flexible Learning (Distance Learning) learning models. 

In the Modified Campus Schedule (Hybrid) model, musicians will work in small groups, ensembles, and at times, even large groups. Students will continue to collaborate with each other within their assigned teams, and there will be opportunities to see musicians perform in new and exciting ways, in addition to concerts. We will be following required and recommended health and safety guidelines for music activities and performances. These measures include:

  • All musicians will wear a face covering at all times. Brass and woodwind musicians will wear special face coverings that are designed to be used while playing. Each musician will receive one of these special face coverings to use during band. Choir students will not use a special face covering.
  • Brass and woodwind musicians will use special bell covers for their instruments while playing. Each musician will receive one of these special instrument coverings to use during band. 
  • All musicians will maintain physical distancing of at least six feet.
  • The total number of performers in a group will be reduced based on the Group A/Group B schedule in our modified campus schedule (hybrid) learning model. 
  • Choir students will have individual folders of music, with no sharing between singers.
  • Students in grade 5 will continue to receive music instruction every week and instruction will be recorded, not live.

In the Extended Flexible Learning (Distance Learning) model, musicians will have options to personalize their music instruction and develop their own musicianship alone and with others virtually.

  • Students are encouraged to find a space where they can make music confidently and predictably. Students who are able to practice, using their full volume, breath support, and dynamic control will be able to improve and deepen their own musicianship dramatically.
  • Students will receive opportunities to connect with peers in a variety of ways that make music making meaningful and music learning specialized to their situation.

In both learning models, we will strive to find avenues to foster frequent communication and collaboration amongst our musicians so that they maintain the sense of community that a band or choir experience fosters. We are confident in the measures we’ve put in place and excited to continue to support students’ growth in music.