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A message from Director Dutcher regarding the 2020-2021 theater season

Hello friends, and welcome to the 2020-2021 SLP Theater Season!

As you can imagine, things will look somewhat different this year.  We are all aware of how fluid things are in these strange times, so I’ll go through the list of productions and explain what our plans are at this point in time.   

HS Fall Play – We will be performing the play “Vital Signs” by Jane Martin.  It is a beautiful piece consisting of a series of monologues.  They have a wide scope (some are poignant, hilarious, moving, etc.)  and they all show different aspects of the human condition.  Together, they form a moving piece of theater that can be performed either in an auditorium or filmed and presented online (or a combination of both).  Some rehearsals will be in person (maintaining safe practices of course) and some will be online.   

Auditions:  Those learning from home will be over WebEx on Wednesday September 16, 3-5:30 p.m. Log into Mr. Dutcher's WebEx page - https://springlakeparkschools.webex.com/meet/kdutch

In person auditions will be held in the FAC after school on Thursday, September 17 and Friday, September 18 from 3-5:30 p.m. Log into Schoology for audition materials and use Access Code: VT25-KM5D-MW5FZ.

Tech Crew:  Please email Mr. Ryan Julien for more details, rjulie@district16.org

MS Fall Play – To provide a level of flexibility similar to the HS show mentioned above, the fall play will be a series of monologues.  We will provide a selection of pieces for students to choose from, and we will again rehearse them both in person and online.  Performances will be either in the auditorium or online (or a combination of both), depending on what our situation is like in mid-November.  Auditions will be conducted in early October.

Intermediate Musical – One of the things that makes our grades 5/6 productions magical is getting a large group of performers together on stage, singing and dancing and learning about the magic of theater.  For the time slot that we usually perform (end of November/early December) that is not going to be possible this year.  We are looking at dates in the future, hoping that the situation will clear up to the point that we can make that happen! 

HS One-Act – Our hope is that by the time that one-act season rolls around we will be able to get together and rehearse and perform as usual.

MS Spring Musical – We are hopeful that our MS and HS musicals will be able to proceed as they have in the past.  We are working on a backup plan, but our expectation is to perform the hilarious classic musical Guys and Dolls.  We will approach the show with the expectation that any role is open for any student regardless of gender, it will be a lot of fun! 

HS Spring Musical – Again, we are hopeful that things will be back to normal by the Spring.  Contractually we can’t officially promote the show that we’re planning on producing, Until January 5, 2021.  Let’s just say it’s an adaptation of an old French fairy tale. 

Announcing Theater Workshops-  We are currently arranging for theater workshops for Grades 5-12!  These will vary in topic, length of workshops (60 or 90 minutes etc.), duration (number of weeks), after school (starting at roughly 2:30 or 3:15 p.m.) or Saturdays.  It will be geared towards Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced performers (pertaining to your experience level)……. stay tuned for more information and signups!

Whatever happens this year, whatever comes our way, we will strive to make our theater season one that you will always remember.  We will use our skills at improvising to deal with each issue as it arises, and the hurdles we encounter at every rehearsal may be higher than we are used to.  But together, we will make those leaps, and together we will have an incredible 2020-2021 SLP Theater Season! 

Kevin Dutcher   
Director of Theater Arts
Spring Lake Park Schools