Flyer Distribution

For the 2019-2020 school year we will distribute non-profit organization flyers for youth focused events in our community hardcopy through backpacks quarterly. The schedule for the distribution is below. To ensure that flyers get out in a timely manner please submit your flyer for approval before the deadlines below.

We will also uploaded limited flyers monthly to the Community Education website. Organization may be limited on the number of flyers uploaded during the year.

Flyer Contact:  

Flyer Approval Deadline

Please submit flyers to before the following dates.

  • Fall 9/04/19
  • Winter 12/11/19
  • Spring 2/19/20
  • Summer 04/22/20

Flyer Delivery to Sites Deadline

Distribute flyers to the sites by the dates below to ensure distribution to schools. Flyers must be bundled in classroom counts.

  • Fall 9/09/2019
  • Winter 12/16/19
  • Spring 2/24/20
  • Summer 4/27/20

Flyer Distribution

Flyers will be distributed through student backpacks on the following dates.

  • Fall 9/11/19
  • Winter 12/18/19
  • Spring 2/26/20
  • Summer 4/29/20