Flyer Distribution

Any group seeking to distribute flyers in Spring Lake Park Schools must first receive district approval. For approval please email a copy of your flyer to: no later than the “due for approval” date below. The front page of your flyer must contain the following disclaimer: “This event, class, activity or matter is not sponsored or endorsed by Spring Lake Park Schools and is not printed at District expense.” Once approved, you will receive a flyer permit that is to be included with each school flyer bundle. 

Please note: This year due to potential various learning models, flyers will be sent home during a specific week. Please ensure that someone from your organization delivers your flyers on the delivery date by 9 a.m.

For your reference the flyers need to be bundled in the following groupings to ensure they get distributed at the sites correctly. 

2021–2022 School Year Bundling Groups:

  • Centerview Elementary - 27 groups of 30
  • Park Terrace Elementary – 25 groups of 25
  • Northpoint Elementary – 48 groups of 15 
  • Woodcrest Spanish Immersion Elementary – 24 groups of 33
  • Westwood Intermediate School – Digital only. No hard copies.
  • Lighthouse School (Located in High School by door #28) – 45 students in grades 3-6 
Season Due for approval no later than: Flyers delivered to to schools
on date by 11 a.m.
Flyers sent home week of:
Fall September 13 September 20 September 20
Winter November 8  November 15 November 15
Spring January 24 January 31  January 31
Summer April 10 April 17 April 17