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Rate Categories

Class A

No Rental Charge for facility when facilities are typically open. However, a fee may be charged to groups using facilities when they would normally by closed—for example on weekends, holidays, summer hours and during non-custodial building hours.

  • School, District and Community Education Activities
  • Elections, school, federal or municipal public hearings
  • City-sponsored recreation (city recreation may be responsible for associated costs if it is the only activity in the facility)

Class B or Resident/Youth/Non-Profit

There is a charge for these community groups within the Spring Lake Park Schools boundaries including non-profit community-based civic, youth, service, non-profit community sponsored athletic associations, non-profit community adult groups, area colleges and universities for academic use. Groups qualify as resident with 75% of participants district residents.

Spring Lake Park Schools Booster Organizations may be eligible for a 50% discount-dependent on the number of district employees in a coordinating/managing role at the event.

  • School district community groups—non profit
  • Boy Scout/Girl Scout organizations: regular meetings no charge

Class C or Non-Resident/Non-Profit Other/For-Profit

There is a charge for the following groups and any other activity not listed in the above categories.

  • For-profit organizations and businesses
  • Non-school district groups, 25% or more non-resident participants
  • Private family functions
  • Political groups (conventions/meetings)
  • Athletic associations without local affiliation
  • Other