Curriculum and Handbook

The primary purpose of Learning Ventures Child Care is to improve student learning while providing high-quality child care services for children whose parents work outside the home. Our child care staff work to provide an enriching educational and recreational environment for children. Our program enhances the development of children in the following areas.

  • Cognitive Expansion: Opportunities to experience, discover, experiment, problem-solve, and reinforce skills used to be successful in school
  • Self and Social Awareness: Social growth through dramatic play, one-to-one experiences, group activities and cooperative games. Emotional development within a safe, supportive, and stable atmosphere which stresses individual choice and responsibility.
  • Physical Development: Fine and gross motor development through the use of arts and crafts, manipulative toys, active games, sports, and movement activities, both in and outside
  • Creative Expression: Creative individual expression in an environment that is safe and supportive, providing a fun way for children to show who they are and how they are special
  • Recreational Activities: Opportunities to learn new ways of using leisure time, to discover talents, abilities, potential life-long hobbies and career options
students at learning ventures smiling
student on tire swing
students working on computers