Student Expectations

Guiding Student Expectations

A set of common student expectations has been established to limit the quantity and variability of expectations from one learning environment to another. Staff at each level have developed student-friendly language, in alignment with each of the guiding expectations that will be communicated, modeled and practiced with learners throughout the district.

Students will engage in words and actions that result in a safe physical and emotional environment.
I will use self-control so that our school is safe for each student and adult 

Students will promote a positive school culture and a sense of belonging for each student through their words and actions.
I will use empathy to show care for others so that our school is an inviting place to learn and play

Each student will be a steward of their school environment, creating a place they are proud to call their school.
I will show responsibility when caring for my school so that we are proud to be Panthers

Students will be aware of and advocate for their social-emotional and learning wants and needs.
I will pay attention to what I need and be assertive in communicating those needs

Students will adjust their behavior to match the learning activity and environment, and be open to feedback when they have difficulty.
I will cooperate with others so that we can each learn and be successful in the way that works best for our learning

Other Student Expectations

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