What our Staff Say

Our school community works extremely hard and is very committed to creating the best learning experience for all of our students. I strive to build a positive classroom community that teaches students to feel comfortable being independent learners.– Lina Mraz, Woodcrest Spanish Immersion, Teacher

A Woodcrest staff member holding mini flags and smiling

I am #SLPPantherProud when I see the sense of community, wealth of support and passion from all the staff. They show their dedication to education daily and it motivates me to do as much as I can do to uphold that standard.–Hoang Truong, Northpoint Elementary, Speech Language Pathologist

A Northpoint teacher working on a puzzle and smiling in a NP blue shirt

I am #SLPPantherProud because our talented staff works extremely hard every day to bring out the best in our students. It's amazing to watch our schools continuously evolve and flourish. – Wes Skogman, Spring Lake Park High School, Custodian

A SLPHS custodian driving a machine and smiling

At SLP, everyone in the community is welcomed. I feel pride in sharing my culture and language here. My role gives me the opportunity to get to know all students, parents and staff. Each person symbolizes a unique piece of the puzzle that makes our community whole.– Kenia Alfaro, Centerview Elementary, Office Paraprofessional

A Centerview office paraprofessional smiling with a notebook and flower shirt

We are always making decisions to move toward creating a learning community that will be successful in today’s and tomorrow’s world. We are pushing students to think more deeply, get engaged in their learning, and create meaningful connections.– Lindsay Leet, Westwood Intermediate and Middle School, Teacher

A Westwood teacher smiling and wearing a yellow shirt

I am #SLPPantherProud to work alongside people that I consider family. It’s beyond amazing that we are able to come together, care for each child and help all students succeed.– Caridad Ott, Woodcrest Spanish Immersion, Nutrition Services

A nutrition services staff member smiling while bagging lunches

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Winter 2023 highlights: Panther athletics and activities

Winter provided another season of highlights, successes and triumphs for Panther athletics and activities. With seven winter girls’ sports, seven winter boys’ sports and more than 45 student-based interest clubs and co-curricular activities at Spring Lake Park High School, our Panthers made us proud.

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Westwood broadcast group bridges learning and community

News alert! Westwood Intermediate and Middle School has a new Panther News Broadcast that is written, filmed and edited by a group of students who are learning new skills, exploring potential career paths and building community at Westwood.

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One Act Takes First

For the first time ever, Spring Lake Park High School theater not only placed at the Section 4AA one-act play finals but took first place. They perform in the State One-Act Play Festival on Thursday, February 9.

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Students make their pitches "Shark Tank” style

Spring Lake Park High School juniors and seniors pitched their business ideas “Shark Tank style” to a panel of judges – gaining valuable insights and feedback from industry experts. Five finalist groups presented before winter break to an audience of peers, teachers, family members and “the sharks.”

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Fall 2022 highlights: Panther athletics and activities

The fall brought an abundance of opportunity for students to find connect, belonging and purpose. With 15 girls’ sports, 15 boys’ sports and 47 student-based interest clubs and co-curricular activities, there were many great highlights. Everywhere Panthers went, they made us proud.

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School and so much more

In a few short weeks, homemade drones will fill the air and the high school gym will come alive with the sounds of indoor Pickleball thanks to new programs available through Community Education. There are many engaging and enriching youth, family and adult offerings for the whole family to get involved. Browse and register today.

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Building the Future – in our parking lot

A house is rising from the Spring Lake Park High School parking lot off 81st Ave. This is where students in our new construction trades course are building a single-family home that will move into our community next summer. It’s the latest example of community partnership and how our career and college pathways are preparing students for their futures.

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Award-winning, again

For the 16th year running, Spring Lake Park Schools has received the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) International’s Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting award.

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