What our Staff Say

Our school community works extremely hard and is very committed to creating the best learning experience for all of our students. I strive to build a positive classroom community that teaches students to feel comfortable being independent learners.– Lina Mraz, Woodcrest Spanish Immersion, Teacher

A Woodcrest staff member holding mini flags and smiling

I am #SLPPantherProud when I see the sense of community, wealth of support and passion from all the staff. They show their dedication to education daily and it motivates me to do as much as I can do to uphold that standard.–Hoang Truong, Northpoint Elementary, Speech Language Pathologist

A Northpoint teacher working on a puzzle and smiling in a NP blue shirt

At SLP, everyone in the community is welcomed. I feel pride in sharing my culture and language here. My role gives me the opportunity to get to know all students, parents and staff. Each person symbolizes a unique piece of the puzzle that makes our community whole.– Kenia Alfaro, Centerview Elementary, Office Paraprofessional

A Centerview office paraprofessional smiling with a notebook and flower shirt

We are always making decisions to move toward creating a learning community that will be successful in today’s and tomorrow’s world. We are pushing students to think more deeply, get engaged in their learning, and create meaningful connections.– Lindsay Leet, Westwood Intermediate and Middle School, Teacher

A Westwood teacher smiling and wearing a yellow shirt

I am #SLPPantherProud to work alongside people that I consider family. It’s beyond amazing that we are able to come together, care for each child and help all students succeed.– Caridad Ott, Woodcrest Spanish Immersion, Nutrition Services

A nutrition services staff member smiling while bagging lunches

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The final bell for 2023-2024 retirees

Spring Lake Park Schools held its annual retirement reception on May 21 to honor and recognize the 8 staff members who retired during the 2023-2024 school year or are retiring at the end of the school year.

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Pathways welcomes state VIPs

Minnesota Department of Education Commissioner Willie Jett toured Spring Lake Park High School Career and College Pathways along with colleagues from Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).  

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Class of 2024 Senior Spotlight

It's time to shine a light on members of the Class of 2024! These students have been an invaluable part of our Panther community and we're cheering them on as they pursue further education, a career or trade, take a role with the military or do something else altogether.

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Developing next gen leaders and entrepreneurs

Spring Lake Park High School’s involvement in the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is creating the next generation of leaders in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Students are earning accolades along the way – including a gold certified, student-run coffee shop.

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Pathways program connects students with jobs

Julian Christensen and Trevon Holeman started their senior year unsure how to get a job and gain experience within the career path they want to pursue after graduation - mechanics. After understanding and taking advantage of the resources available to them through the Spring Lake Park High School Career and College office, both students now have a part-time job at Heartland Tire.

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Meet our 2023-2024 student school board reps

Each year, the board welcomes student representatives from the high school’s student council to join their board meetings and update members on student life and the SLP experience. This year, the board welcomes seniors Evan Jefferson, Harper Mack, and Onyinyechukwu Udemezue.

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Preparation for a career in healthcare

Senior Maria Mora-Pena has discovered a passion for medicine and wants to pursue a career in healthcare after she graduates high school next spring. To help her achieve this goal, she has gone deep into the Health and Human Services Pathway at Spring Lake Park High School, taking many courses that align with her emerging interests.

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Finding joy at school

Across Spring Lake Park Schools and across grade levels, among friends and seat mates, in the midst of assignments and instructions and collaboration and conversations, there have been sightings of joy. Joy has been spotted at recess, in the lunchroom, during morning meeting time, in hallway exchanges between students and staff and even during math class.

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SLP alum gains apprenticeship opportunity through Pathways

Last fall, senior Owen Adwan was encouraged to attend an apprenticeship open house for Bühler Group. Now, he is part of a two-year apprenticeship program where he works hands-on, will earn an associate's degree and graduate debt free. Hear from Owen how his time at SLP prepared him for this opportunity.

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