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 I tend to lean more on student-centered activities where the responsibility is on students to show what they know. Our innovative spaces allow us to plan projects and activities that involve collaboration, flexible thinking and problem solving. It allows us to be flexible with our instruction and change plans to accommodate student engagement and learning.

Lissa Golanowski, looping team teacher at Westwood Intermediate and Middle School

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Lina Mraz smiling

"The Spring Lake Park Schools, especially Woodcrest, gives me the wonderful opportunity to work with professionals from many different backgrounds and experiences from a variety of countries. This teaching diversity enriches my life not only professionally, but personally as well."

"Our school culture is caring and supportive. We are always willing to help each other and to support each other. I know I can count on any of my colleagues when I need them!

I can’t wait to be in the classroom each day! Our students, parents and staff are outstanding people. I am very grateful to be part of this community." 

– Lina Mraz, kindergarten teacher at Woodcrest Spanish Immersion

We’re trying different things to try to reach kids. What I like is that we’re not focusing on the past to determine what we do for the future. We’re looking ahead and trying to say ‘what are things our students will need to be able to do for the future?’

–Scott Wicklund, continuous improvement coach at Spring Lake Park High School

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Korey Keeler smiling

"The culture at my school is student-centered, supportive of family participation, respectful, engaging and has a strong spirit of collaboration."

"Spring Lake Park Schools is uniquely balanced with pressure and support…therefore, whatever is expected of you as a teacher is provided to you through quality professional development opportunities."

"Spring Lake Park Schools offers a climate for teachers to self-reflect on their practices, share leadership, collaborate, and grow professionally."

– Korey Keeler, Continuous Improvement Coach at Park Terrace Elementary

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"I am so thankful for the professional learning opportunities in Spring Lake Park Schools. Professional learning has given me the ability to reflect on my own practice as an educator. I have been given time to learn from my colleagues, refine my practice and bring tools back to my own classroom."

"Park Terrace Elementary is a school filled with innovation, leadership and teamwork.  All of these aspects lead to a positive school culture that is focused on student achievement and high expectations.  Anyone that walks into Park Terrace will feel the positive energy."

"What sets Spring Lake Park Schools apart from other districts is their focus on student learning, innovation and leadership."

– Sarah Wall, teacher at Centerview Elementary

"I receive support from my coach, my grade level lead, my grade level team and my principal. The constant feedback I get from these coworkers helps make me a more successful teacher."

"Spring Lake Park Schools is different from other districts I have worked for because they are getting teacher input on student assessments. I've actually gotten to help create assessments that measure my student's learning. It feels great to have ownership over this piece and to collaborate with fellow teachers."

– Melissa Haggar-Olson, teacher at Park Terrace Elementary

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Jan Burda smiling

"I have maintained a sense of pride and satisfaction of belonging to Spring Lake Park Schools. The warmth, care and sincerity shown to me as well as to others in the work place has far exceeded the other places I have worked. People care. People work hard. People are sincere. People are proud... Panther Proud!"

"I believe that our staff wants the best for Spring Lake Park Schools employees, students and families. It may be in the form of academic support for children and families, or it may be providing the help and support for our colleagues. We are pillars of support for each other. Leading by example and being role models are a couple ways in which we can share our support."

– Jan Burda, gifted & talented  specialist at Woodcrest and Westwood Intermediate and Middle School

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"Spring Lake Park Schools is always looking for ways to improve student learning and make strong connections through innovation, creativity and technology integration."

"The district wants to be and is a leader with regards to classroom design, team teaching ideas, technology and professional development through purposeful collaboration." 

–Samantha Howard, teacher at Centerview Elementary

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