Professional Learning

Professional learning is at the core of a teachers’ experience in Spring Lake Park Schools.

You will find that in Spring Lake Park, learning is not an event. Learning happens all day long, every day of the year, whether it is with your Professional Learning Community or in a staff learning meeting or in conversations with your colleagues or instructional coach. As a staff member, a variety of supports are at your fingertips to personalize the learning that you need to grow as an individual educator. Innovation and design thinking is cultivated, where you will find the freedom to take risks and create learning experiences for each student. These experiences will not only happen in first year, but learning happens each year you are an educator in Spring Lake Park Schools. 


Each educator is paired with a Continuous Improvement and Innovation Coach. With your coach, you will set personal goals that will help you best support your students. Your coach will meet with you frequently during the year to offer personalized feedback on classroom management, instructional strategies, leadership skills, collaboration, communication, and more.  

Professional Learning Communities

Each educator is a member of one or more Professional Learning Communities (PLC). Your PLC will meet regularly to examine student data and teacher practices to support each student and each other.  

New Teacher Induction

Teachers new to Spring Lake Park participate in New Teacher Induction. This process includes a New Staff Welcome event in August, daily support from coaches for the first month of school, weekly support from coaches all year, monthly new staff building learning meetings, visits in colleagues classrooms, and more!  

All Staff Learning

All Spring Lake Park teachers participate in regular professional learning throughout the year focused on our District Operational Plan and School Improvement and Innovation Plans.  

SLP Academy

Educators can choose to participate in optional learning experiences offered through SLP Academy. Educators can dive deep into topics such as assessment, technology, classroom management, equity, and instructional practices. A unique opportunity within SLP Academy is for teachers to design their own learning through a teacher learner map. Staff members who choose to participate in SLP Academy may receive CEUs, board credits, or stipend.  

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