Supplemental Student Accident Insurance

Spring Lake Park Schools and all of its employees work hard to ensure that every student has a safe and rewarding experience while attending our schools. Even with this environment and the many precautions we take, accidents can happen while students are at school.

You may or may not be aware that the school district does not provide insurance coverage for students during the time they spend on school grounds. If a child has an accident while attending school during the day or while participating in after school activities, the family’s health insurance carrier would cover any related expenses. 

The district has made it relatively convenient for families to purchase Student Accident Insurance through America's Life Insurance Corp Insurance for the upcoming school year. This program is completely voluntary. Each family should examine their health insurance coverage as well as co-pays and deductible limits to determine if this supplemental coverage would be a benefit to them.

Explore a variety of insurance coverage options available for families to consider for their students below.  If you have questions about this service, you can call the Business Office at 763-600-5033.

One-page insurance coverage overview - English

One-page insurance coverage overview - Spanish

Voluntary Coverage and Enrollment Form