Many of our home games will be live streamed on Prep Spot Light for a small fee. Follow the directions below to get started.

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on MINNESOTA – this takes you to the Minnesota page 
  3. The games will be listed and they will say “buy now”
  4. There is also a calendar in the upper right hand side of the page where you can choose a DAY for upcoming games
  5. Purchasing can be a single game for $5.99 or the FULL YEAR PASS  for$59.99. The full year pass gives access to all games at HM and ALL games streamed during the 2020-21 school year. You’ll see a SIGN IN located in the upper RIGHT hand side of the page – this allows you to select – a single game or full year pass option – fill in your credit card by:
    1. Creating your ID
    2. Creating a PASSWORD

Once you sign in your account is active, meaning you don’t have to fill in the credit card every time. If you have selected a full year pass you can watch various games at the same time.  If you leave the site the next time you visit you just click “sign in” and your account is “active” for that viewing.

ALL games are archived for additional viewing as you desire! If you have the season pass you can see any game any time.  If you purchase a single game – you can see that game.

Watch the game with soccer players