Class of 2020 senior Myah Lake smiling outside
What grade did you start attending SLP Schools?
11th grade
What activities were you involved in while you were a student at Spring Lake Park High School?
  • Step Team
  • Black Student Union - president
What teacher or teachers have had the biggest impact on your educational journey?
The teacher that had the biggest impact on me would definitely be Miss Shepherd. She is someone I can always go to for advice when it comes to the classes I'm taking or college questions, she always makes herself available for her students to ask her almost anything and is also a teacher that truly connects with her students.

Another staff member that has had an impact on me is Mr. Boucher. He was my principal in middle school and when I transferred to Spring Lake Park High School my junior year, it really helped me to know that I already knew someone who I could trust. He is also someone that I can go to for advice and talk to about anything. I really appreciate how he makes the effort to ask students how their day is going or to just simply check in on students. That's something that I really value, especially in a principal, because often principals are super busy during the school day, but Mr. Boucher definitely makes time to connect with the students around the school.

What's your favorite school memory?
My favorite school memory is definitely performing at pep fests with the step team. I love how engaged students would get with our performance and I loved the connections that I made while being on the step team.
What are your plans after graduation?
I plan to go to college at Marymount Manhattan in New York City where I plan on majoring in digital journalism and video production.
How has Spring Lake Park Schools prepared you for your future?
Spring Lake Park Schools has prepared me for the future by giving me access to the teachers that I met while I was there. Honestly, I would be lost without getting the chance to ask for advice from teachers.
What advice do you have for incoming ninth graders or students new to Spring Lake Park High School?
My advice for new students/incoming ninth graders is to always stay motivated whether you want to be an entrepreneur, go to college or anything you want to do. It is important to always take school as a learning experience whether that's the content that you're being taught in the classroom or being able to connect with people. High school is definitely a place where you figure out who you are and even if you don't know who you are that is okay. My last piece of advice would be to never care about what other people think of you because often that can set you back academically or even mentally, so always put your best foot forward.
What are you doing to stay busy during the pandemic?
To stay busy during this pandemic, I am definitely engaging in more fitness and cooking.
What makes you SLP Panther Proud?
I am SLP Panther Proud because I love the atmosphere and because of how much I've been prepared for college.