Class of 2020 senior Julia LeVahn smiling outside
What grade did you start attending SLP Schools?
What activities were you involved in while you were a student at Spring Lake Park High School?
  • Girls Basketball
  • National Honors Society
  • Panther Mentors
  • Alive Bible Study
What teacher or teachers have had the biggest impact on your educational journey?
Mr. Hilst has had a big impact on my educational journey because he challenges my thinking every day in class and also makes personal connections with each of his students.
What's your favorite school memory? 
My favorite school memory is probably getting to play basketball every Tuesday and Thursday, and also going to the football games with my friends in the fall.
What are your plans after graduation?
After graduation, I plan to attend Marquette University and study biomedical sciences.
How has Spring Lake Park Schools prepared you for your future?
The teachers, and all the college and AP courses SLP has to offer has really prepared me for my future.
What advice do you have for incoming ninth graders or students new to Spring Lake Park High School?
Don't be afraid to ask teachers for help, they are there for a reason and it also helps create a personal relationship with them. Also, go to all the school events!
What are you doing to stay busy during the pandemic?
I am keeping up with my school work, playing with my dog and taking virtual yoga classes.
What makes you SLP Panther Proud?
The great community we have here and all of the teachers who invest in the lives of their students makes me SLP Panther Proud.