Class of 2020 senior Bronwyn Simmons outside wearing glasses
What grade did you start attending SLP Schools?
Tenth grade
What activities were you involved in while you were a student at Spring Lake Park High School?
  • Theatre Program
  • Theatre Tech
  • Speech Club
  • Panther Mentors
  • SLP Leadership Council
  • Yearbook Club
What teacher or teachers have had the biggest impact on your educational journey?
Mrs. Phelps And Mrs. Bloome definitely had the most impact on my educational journey. They were the most supportive figures throughout my time at Spring Lake Park. They created a comfortable and safe atmosphere in their classrooms that really helped me learn. I was able to build a personal relationship with almost every one of my teachers, but these two teachers are the ones I spent the most time with and built the strongest connections with because of their teaching style and commitment to my growth.
What's your favorite school memory? 
I could never pick just one, but most of the great memories I have were made in my extracurricular activities. A memory I love is asking Mr. Boucher for a high five instead of a handshake during an academic lettering ceremony and that was the best high five ever.
What are your plans after graduation?
I am planning to major in film production and a minor in zoology, either at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee or the University if Manitoba, Canada.
How has Spring Lake Park Schools prepared you for your future?
Spring Lake Park Schools provided leadership opportunities that have definitely prepared me for the future. Programs like leadership camp and leadership council encouraged me to develop communication and team-building skills that will serve me in my education and any career.
What advice do you have for incoming ninth graders or students new to Spring Lake Park High School?
Be honest, do your work to the best of your ability, and take every opportunity that is thrown your way. Join any club you might be interested in, build strong connections with teachers, make friends with as many people as you can because that is what is going to make your high school experience enjoyable and interesting.
What are you doing to stay busy during the pandemic?
I have been watching a lot of TV and doing a lot of homework. I'm in film studies right now, so the projects in that class are keeping me busy creatively.
What makes you SLP Panther Proud?
I am so proud of being part of a school district that provides theatre opportunities to students K-12. It was amazing being a positive contributor to the theater community and school.