It is our philosophy that through the sport of wrestling students learn the value of hard work and dedication. Wrestling teaches students to take responsibility for their actions and improve. We want our students to have success on and off of the wrestling mat.

Spring Lake Park Wrestling entered into a co-op with Irondale and St. Anthony high school in the 2017-2018 season. The co-op created is referred to as S.I.S. Wrestling (Spring Lake Park, Irondale, St. Anthony).

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Please note, the link above leads to a page off the Spring Lake Park Schools website. It is not sponsored by the school or district.


Spring Lake Park High School students who wish to register for the S.I.S. Wrestling team can register through Spring Lake Park Athletics & Activities. Follow these registration steps.

Wrestling Details

Wrestling Team Rules/Expectations

Philosophy: It is our philosophy to help each wrestler develop and instill qualities which will enable them to have success on and off the wrestling mat.

Wrestle-offs: Wrestle offs will be conducted as needed. The coach will decide when an individual earns a wrestle off.

Dress Code: All wrestlers are expected to dress appropriately. It is against Minnesota State High School League rules to wear jewelry during wrestling events. When representing our team or wearing our wrestling team apparel, earrings and other piercings will not be permitted. We will not allow different socks, head-gear or any other items to be worn in a match that does not match our team uniforms.

Conduct: Courtesy, and respect for others will be practiced at all times. Violators could be removed from the line-up for non-compliance.

Conduct violations that could result in lost competition are as follows:

  1. Arriving late to practice. If you are going to be late, tell us in advance.
  2. Missing practice (can’t make you a good wrestler if you’re not in the wrestling room).
  3. Inappropriate behavior. This includes disrespecting any SLP staff member.
  4. Detentions or school suspensions.

Conduct violations that could result in team dismissal:

  1. Disrespecting any coach/teacher.
  2. Skipping practice.
  3. Inappropriate behavior.

Attendance is required. If your child can’t make it to practice, he must personally tell one of the coaches for it to be excused. Every practice missed must be made up to achieve 100% attendance.

Lettering: Wrestlers must earn 20 varsity points to become eligible to earn a varsity letter. J.V. wrestlers may also earn varsity letters by becoming junior varsity conference champions and maintaining 90% attendance throughout the season.

  1. Varsity loss by pin = 1 point
  2. Varsity loss by tech fall = 2 points
  3. Varsity loss by major decision = 3 points
  4. Varsity loss by decision= 3 varsity points
  5. Varsity win by decision or major decision = 4 varsity points
  6. Varsity win by fall or tech fall = 5 varsity points.

Any wrestler who has less than 90% attendance may lose varsity lettering privileges.

Lastly, varsity letters can be handed out at the head coach's discretion.

Availability of Coaching Staff: The wrestling staff will be available in person or via phone conversation at appropriate times.