Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you get started on the season!

How many meets will I compete in?

You are typically guaranteed 5-7 track meets that are either open entry or    are JV in any one season.  It depends on the overall schedule for that spring.  You can become eligible for an invitation or limited entry meet by being top three in a specific event or by being on a relay.

When does practice start/end and how long are track meets? 

Practice starts at 3:30, daily, and ends at 5:30.  Track meets typically start at 4 pm and can go up until 7:30 for a smaller meet, or 9:00 for a large meet.

What kind of shoes should I have for practice and for meets?

You should have running shoes for practice.  Basketball or street shoes will most likely lead to shin splints when used over long periods of time.  If you go to Right Fit Running in Mounds View or Run-n-Fun on Randolph     in St. Paul you can get discounted running shoes if you say you’re from SLP/SA Track; or go to Eastbay.com.  For meets, you should have track spikes.  You also can find these at the shoe stores mentioned above or online at Eastbay.com.  Any generic sprint spike will do for sprints, same for distance.  You can also order specialty shoes for field events, but sprint spikes work for most of those as well.

What should I bring with me to practice and meets?

Clothes for any kind of weather.  This is spring in MN, be ready for anything.  Also have a water bottle with you every day, no matter the temperature.  Hydration is key.  Also your inhaler, if you have one.  Food for meets is also key.  There is not always food at meets to be purchased.  And from an overall health standpoint, bringing your own food is better regardless.

What do I do if I have other activities during the spring?

Communicate.  We understand that athletes have other obligations during the spring and may even be in a club sport.  We will work with you to ensure you are successful in all of your endeavors.  However, the expectation is that your high school in season sport is priority.