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MON. 11/11/19- WED. 11/13/19- 4:20-6:30 PM

THURS. 11/14/19- 3:30-6:30 PM



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Hockey Details

Boys Hockey Team Rules/Expectations

Philosophy: It is the philosophy of the hockey program to provide an environment so that student athletes have the opportunity to experience and develop positive citizenship traits, the value of participation and competition, in a setting that will challenge all participants to reach their own individual and team goals.

Compliance: Spring Lake Park hockey will operate in complete compliance with the rules set forth by Spring Lake Park Schools, the North Suburban Conference, the Minnesota State High School League, and the Minnesota High School Hockey Rules.

Team Membership: The hockey team will consist of no more than 40 players. Seniors will not be allowed to play in junior varsity games unless the numbers are low and there has been prior approval by administration. Players with Bantam eligibility that have an interest in playing high school hockey may try out for the team, but are encouraged to play Bantam hockey.

Junior varsity teams focus primarily on preparing athletes for varsity competition later in their
high school careers. The more highly-skilled participants are definitely going to see the majority of the contest time at this level. A higher level of personal commitment than in younger program levels is certainly expected. The junior varsity is clearly a developmental level for future varsity participants.

The varsity level is the most highly-visible level of secondary school athletic programs. The participants in contests are going to be those who show the highest skill levels and the highest degree of commitment. It is hoped that situations will allow participation in contests by as many members of the team as possible, but team success and accomplishment will be a priority. Participants' roles may range from that of valuable practice participant to that of one who participates in all of the contests.

Dress Code: Student-athletes will be well groomed and neatly dressed when representing our school and our hockey program. It will be recommended by the coaching staff that student athletes wear nice slacks, a shirt with a collar, and shoes, other than running shoes, to school the day of games. Items such as denim jeans and T-shirts will be considered inappropriate dress.

Team Conduct: Players and coaches shall conduct themselves at contests, practices, travel and tournaments in such a fashion as to create a positive image of themselves, their teammates, their coaches and their school. Failure to comply may result in a conference with the coaching staff. Continued inappropriate conduct will result in suspension according with the High School Athletic Handbook.

Team Rapport: It is essential that team members get along with one another to develop team unity. We will be considered one big family with two types of games (JV and Varsity). All members of both teams will be required to attend team functions unless excused by their coach in advance. Players will be asked to respect their roles on the team, the roles of their teammates and be committed to do their best in achieving the team goals.

Language: Offensive language will not be tolerated. All members of the hockey program will treat all people associated with the game (players, coaches, referees, parents, opponents, etc.) with respect. If a problem develops, the individual will be called aside and addressed by the coach. Continued disregard for this rule will affect playing time and membership on the team.

Attendance: All players will be required to attend all games unless they are excused from school that day. Players playing in junior varsity games will be required to remain for the varsity game unless excused by the coach. Players are expected to be at every practice if they are in school that day.

Tardiness: Players are expected to be on time for all team events. If a player is going to be late or any reason, he should let one of the coaches know at least one day in advance. If excess tardiness occurs, the coach will confer with the player regarding the matter. If the problem continues, playing time and team membership may be affected.

Academic Tutoring: Academics are very important and something all student-athletes should take pride in. When tutoring is needed, try and plan accordingly with reference to the practice and game schedule. If this is not possible, make sure to notify the coaching staff at least one day in advance.

Detention: Detention will be viewed as an unexcused absence. The coach will discuss the problem with the player to alleviate any further problem. If detentions continue, playing time and team membership will be affected.

Respect: It is the responsibility of each person to show respect for themselves, teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, fans and any other individual associated with the hockey environment.

Curfew: Although there is no established curfew, student-athletes should realize that late hours are detrimental to their school work and performance on the ice. The coaching staff may announce a curfew at any given time throughout the season and all team members are expected to comply.

Availability: If a player or parent has any concerns about their own individual treatment with regards to rules, playing time, etc. they may contact the coach at home or at school to arrange a conference. These matters will not be discussed on game days. Who, when and how players play will be decided entirely by the coaching staff.

SLP hockey player
SLP hockey goalie defending the net

Head Coach:

Addison DeBoer

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