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The philosophy of the golf program is to develop individual skills, encourage fair play and build a strong interest in golf as a lifetime activity.

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Boys Golf Rules/Expectations

PHILOSOPHY: The philosophy of the golf program is to develop individual skills, encourage fair play, and build a strong interest in golf as a lifetime activity. Additionally, one of our goals is to make each participant as successful as possible in competitive high school meets.

MEMBERSHIP/CUTTING: The current policy of the golf program is to cut to fourteen players by or before the end of the first week of conference play. Varsity golf is a competitive program and team members will be required to score well in order to maintain their positions on the varsity squad. The low-scoring junior-varsity member(s) may be, on occasion, allowed to “play off” with high-scoring varsity members in order to determine the varsity line-up for an impending conference meet. Golf team membership will be based on qualifying scores, attendance, and attitude. Activity fees will be reimbursed if the student is cut from the team.

DRESS CODE: All golf courses have dress codes that golfers must follow. For conference and regional play, the Minnesota State High School League dress code regulations must also be followed. Team members will refrain from wearing any article of clothing–at practices, meetings, or meets--that advertises or otherwise promotes illegal or immoral conduct, or that others may find offensive. If a player opts to wear a hat or a visor, the brim shall be worn forward, per its design. Jewelry can not be worn during practice or competition. Team uniform shirts are required on those occasions designated by the coaching staff. Please note that team shirts will likely cost extra money out of pocket.

CONDUCT: Members of the golf team are expected to conduct themselves as gentlemen and sportsmen, always remembering that they represent this high school. Serious transgressions may result in suspension from meets, or possible suspension/termination from the team.

LANGUAGE: Offensive or abusive language will NOT be tolerated at practice sessions or sanctioned activities. The first violation will result in a warning; subsequent violations may result in suspension from a match or from the team.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation will be provided to some meets, but driving or car pooling will be necessary for the following courses: NYGC, Majestic Oaks, Bunker Hills, and others deemed to be close enough to drive.

ATTENDANCE: Attendance at all practices (including weight room) and meets is mandatory. First–time violators will be warned. Second-time violators will forego one meet or one week of practice. Third-time violators will be dismissed from the team. All varsity athletes must be available to participate in all competitions for which they qualify. If a varsity athlete quits prior to the last scheduled competition, he will forfeit his right to a varsity letter award and any other recognition earned during the season.

TARDINESS: A golfer who reports late to practice (including weight room) without first securing permission from a coach will be given a warning. If the problem persists, the coach will penalize accordingly. Suspension from practice, from meets, or from the team may result.

ACADEMIC TUTORING: One day's prior notice should be given to a coach if tutoring is needed. Tutoring can, indeed be valuable to the student athlete, and academics must be given primary consideration, but the athlete is reminded that missed practice time is not good for the team and the team concept. A player who does not provide prior notice may be charged with an unexcused absence.

DETENTION: Detention is an unexcused absence. Detention may result in suspension from one contest or meet.

DISCIPLINE/RESPECT: All golfers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that displays good citizenship and sportsmanship. Respect for fellow competitors, coaches, golf course personnel and property is mandatory.   First-time violators will be reprimanded; repeat offenders will be subject to meet or season suspension.

CURFEW: The golf team has no established curfew. All athletes should be ready every day to do their best.

TEAM RAPPORT: Good team spirit increases the chances of team and individual success. Athletes who consistently undermine team rapport and unity may face disciplinary action, including suspension/termination from the program.

SUB-VARSITY: Junior-varsity golfers are expected to follow the same rules and regulations a varsity golfer must follow. Any junior-varsity member can be moved from the junior-varsity program to the varsity program at any time, and therefore must know and abide by all team and conference rules.

AVAILABILITY: Each golfer will be given the coaches' phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Effective communication throughout the season is essential!


  • Any level player suspended for chemical use will lose special awards, such as captainship or eligibility to "all conference" or "all state" awards
  • Cell phones and all other electronic devices must be turned off and stowed during practices and meets

Head Coach

James Stern