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The philosophy of the boys basketball program is to develop both the physical and mental aspects of being a successful athlete and a successful team player. Each player will be expected to play hard at all times, show class both on and off the court, think about the team first and me second, work hard in the classroom and keep a positive team attitude. 


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Boys Basketball Team Rules/Expectations

Team Philosophy: The philosophy of the boys basketball program is to develop both the the physical and mental aspects of being a successful athlete and a successful team. Each player will be expected to play hard at all times, show class both on and off the court, think about the team first and me second, work hard in the classroom and keep a positive "team" attitude.

Team Membership: The best "team" will make up the minimum of 16 and maximum of 20-man varsity/JV squad. We will be looking for individuals who are willing to accept their roles either as starters, subs or practice players for our varsity and JV teams. The most talented players who also have good attitudes towards the team and their roles on the team will play. Underclassmen will make up our junior varsity team. The B-squad will be primarily sophomores and the 9th grade team primarily freshmen. We will keep up to 20 freshmen on the C squad teams (and up to 12 players on the B squad team. Those not in the top 20 for C squad and 12 for B squad as determined by the C and B squad coaches, will be cut. If numbers exceed 20 for the varsity/JV tryouts, those seniors who do not make the top 10 on the varsity team will be cut and those juniors who do not make the next 10 will be cut.

Varsity Lettering Criteria: Varsity players who are in good team standing at the end of the season and have played at least eleven varsity halves, will earn a letter. 

Dress Code: There will be a dress code for all teams and all players for every away 9th grade, BSquad, JV (when playing the same night as the varsity) and Varsity game. Each player and manager is to wear dress pants or nice casual pants (dress jeans), a dress shirt and/or sweater (no T-shirts or sweatshirts), and dress shoes (shoes other than tennis shoes) to away games. Team sweatsuits and/or sweat outfits may be worn to home games. Those violating the dress code rule will not suit up for that game. Continued violations will be grounds for dismissal from the team. Practice jerseys must be worn to each practice.

Conduct: Act in an appropriate manner both on and off the court at all times. Be respectful and courteous. Those who do not act appropriately will be penalized either by extra running in practice (slight infractions) or be suspended for one game or more (severe infractions). Stay out of detention and the MLC. (1 game suspensions will be levied for each appearance in detention and/or the MLC).

Language: We will keep the language clean both on and off the court. Cussing or swearing will not be tolerated in practice or games. The penalty during practices will be push-ups or sit-ups for the whole team and during games the player will sit on the bench.

Curfew: A curfew will be in effect for any out of town overnight trips. The curfew and penalties for not following curfew will be set during those trips. There will be no curfew at any other time, but each player should use good judgment in order to get enough rest.

Respect and Team Rapport: Respect of the coaching staff, officials, opposing players, spectators and of each other is expected and very important. Each player must think "team first and me second". Players and coaches must be unselfish and willing to lay it on the line for each other. Each player will have a role to fill and their job will be to fill that role to the best of their ability for the good of the team. Failure to comply with this rule will result in game suspensions
or possible expulsion from the team.

Attendance: All district and high school procedures will be followed regarding practice and games. We hope that our players can make it to every practice and every game. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated. Excused absences are those absences due to illness, injury and/or family emergency. All other absences will be looked upon as unexcused. (Some exceptions will be made for 9th grade (C-squad) and 10th grade (B-squad) regarding family vacations and for 9th and 10th graders who need tutoring after school on infrequent occasions, no exceptions for varsity or junior varsity. These absences must be pre-arranged with the coach.) Absences during the first week of tryouts, either excused or unexcused, will hurt your chances of being selected for the team. Football players will be allowed to tryout late if the football season runs late (to the semi-finals or finals).

Penalties for unexcused absences will be as follows:

  • 1st absence - sit in street clothes for next game
  • 2nd absence - sit in street clothes for next 2 games after 2nd unexcused absence
  • 3rd absence - released from team

The whole team will run late laps if individuals are late to practice or game. One lap per minute late per person late. Be ready for practice before the time given for the start of practice - be early. Any varsity player leaving the team for a spring break vacation while the team is still playing in the region or state tournament will be dismissed from the team and will not be awarded a letter if a letter has been earned.

Sub Varsity: Unless noted the same rules apply throughout the high school boys basketball program, grades 9-12.

Variance from State High School League Rules: All other Minnesota State High School League/Spring Lake Park High School Rules should also be followed. There is no variance from these rules.

Availability: The coaches will be available to the players any time they want to set up a personal conference outside of practice. The coaches prefer pre-arranged personal visits or to return phone calls for any contact with parents. Contact with the coaches can be made by leaving a message with the high school athletic office at 763-600-5149. The boy’s basketball coaches will not be available before or after games and calls to their homes should be avoided.

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