Girls Tennis

Practices are held from 3:15-5:15 on the 8 main courts- weather permitting

The Spring Lake Park Tennis Program encourages students of all abilities and experiences to learn and enjoy a life-long sport that encourages skills and habits that go well-beyond the tennis court. The values of integrity, accountability and reaching for excellence will be reinforced among student-athletes at all levels.

The Spring Lake Park Tennis Program is rooted in the following five pillars and will be the foundation for both practices and matches.

  • A commitment to team
  • A commitment to improve
  • A commitment to integrity
  • A commitment to fun
  • A commitment to win 

Tennis Details

Practice begins Monday, August 12, 2019 and practice will be held from 9-11 a.m. in August.

Girls Tennis Rules/Expectations


TEAM PHILOSOPHY: The Spring Lake Park Tennis Program is rooted in 5 pillars:  a commitment to Team, a commitment to Improve, a commitment to Integrity, a commitment to Fun, and a commitment to Win.   These 5 pillars will be the foundation for both practices and matches.  All members of the Varsity, JV, and C Squad teams will be expected to carry out these pillars.

TEAM SELECTION OR CUTTING:  The Varsity Team is selected by the team of tennis coaches and is based upon performance on the court, as well as attitude and conduct.  It may include up to, but is limited to 13 players.  The JV Team selection is based similarly to the varsity.  The C Squad, if the total number of participants warrants, will represent the remainder of all students who try out for the tennis team.  Students grades 7-12 will be eligible for any of the 3 teams.

VARSITY LETTERING:  1.  Participate in at least 60% of Varsity matches.  2.  Must adhere to the 5 Pillars of Panther tennis.  3.  Must adhere to all MSHSL rules of conduct.  4.  Special circumstances may be considered by the Head Coach.

DRESS CODE:  All players will wear the team uniform for matches.  Uniform will be determined by coaches and may vary from match to match.  No player without a proper uniform will be allowed to play.  Dress code for practices is determined by the Head Coach and will reflect both class and modesty.

CONDUCT:  Courtesy and respect for others will be practiced at all times.  Violators will be dealt with to the degree the situation warrants.  LANGUAGE:  The use of foul or abusive language in any tennis match or practice will not be tolerated.  RESPECT:  The coaches will respect the ability of all players and the players should respect the coaches’ ability.  This type of mutual respect should also be extended to opponents and fans. TEAM RAPPORT:  Players are expected to be team oriented and support others.

MATCHES:  All players are required to ride the team bus to and from away matches.  Permission will be given to players to ride with parents (only) with a written note, or with the clearance of the athletic director.  You CANNOT give friends a ride home.  You are required to stay until all matches for your team/level are completed.  Transportation alternatives must be made.  Homework is not an option if you are not playing your match.

ATTENDANCE:  Tennis players are required to attend all practices and matches unless the coaches excuse them.  Players who are unexcused from practices or matches will not be allowed to participate in the next match.  2nd violation results in players missing next 3 matches.  A 3rd violation may result in suspension from the team.  Priorities lie first with class requirements, second with family commitments, third with tennis, fourth with homework, fifth with other extra-curricular, sixth with work.  TARDINESS:  All tennis players are expected to be on time to practices and matches.  If a player is going to be late, that student is responsible for letting one of the coaches know in advance.  Tardiness will result in a consequence determined by the coaches at the end of practice.  Excessive tardiness may be dealt with as an unexcused absence.  ACADEMIC TUTORING or TESTING: Pre-approval by a coach is required.  It will be assumed that attempts to receive tutoring or to take a test will occur before school.  The tennis player should give one-day notice as practice is planned to include all players.  Failure to have the coach’s pre-approval may result in an unexcused absence.  DETENTION:  Detention, whether assigned by the office or an individual teacher, is considered an unexcused absence and will be dealt with by the attendance policy.  Any referral to the MLC is also subject to discipline by the coaches, and may result in the suspension from a match.

CURFEW:  A curfew may be set prior to tournament dates.  Players are expected to get proper rest in order to give maximum performance in practices and matches.

AVAILABILITY:  Coaches are available at most times for face-to-face, email and phone conversations with players and/or parents.  Head coach: Jeff Hartmann

We have read the above and understand compliance is required as a member of the Spring Lake Park Tennis Team.                                                                       

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Head Coach:

David Kuether