The softball coaching staff aims to improve the softball skills of each girl, as well as teach players about the game, what it means to be a part of a team and how to be outstanding citizens in the community.

We want to continue to develop excellence around the Panther Softball. The goal is to be successful in wins and losses, but also develop outstanding females in all aspects of their lives.  


  1. Helmets - Do we need to purchase a certain brand? A certain brand not required but all helmets should be matte royal blue. Any helmet is acceptable but should not have a logo of another team on it. 
  2. Helmets - Does the school provide the decals for the helmets? Players with matte royal blue helmets will receive a raised graphic helmet sticker. All other helmets will get a regular helmet sticker.
  3. Apparel - Are there any requirements for apparel purchases? No.
  4. Uniforms - Does the school provide uniforms? Uniforms are provided by the school.

Apparel Ordering

Orders need to be in by January 31
Softball apparel example

Softball Details

Head Coach

Chris Bangle