The softball coaching staff aims to improve the softball skills of each girl, as well as teach players about the game, what it means to be a part of a team and how to be outstanding citizens in the community.

We want to continue to develop excellence around the Panther Softball. The goal is to be successful in wins and losses, but also develop outstanding females in all aspects of their lives.  

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Softball Team Rules/Regulations

Team philosophy: As a coaching staff we want to improve the softball skills of each girl, as well as teach them about the game, themselves and what it means to be a part of a team. The goal is to be successful, both in terms of wins and losses, and also enjoying the season.

Team membership: Cuts will be made only if numbers exceed that which will allow us to keep a successful program, and will be made before the first game.  Older players will generally be the first to be cut, giving the younger players more time to develop. 

  • Varsity:  The maximum number of varsity players will be 16. The goal of the varsity team is to win. Not all players may see the field on a regular basis.  Injuries, rule violations or other circumstances may arise in which your daughter may see more or less playing time later in the season. The varsity team is made up with the players with the highest ability, regardless of grade, as decided by the coaching staff.
  • Junior Varsity & B-Squad: The maximum number of players will be 18.  The goal of the JV and B-squad is also to win, but with a lot of emphasis on skill building, understanding the game and game situations. All players will not see the playing field every game, but if they are coming to practice, working hard and following the team’s rules they will get to be in at least ½ of the games in some form (which includes pinch hitting or running).
  • C-Squad: The maximum number of C-squad players will be 24. The goal of the C-squad is to work on the basics of fastpitch softball. All players if they are at practice, work hard and follow team rules will be able to get in some part of each game if time permits. 

Dress code:  Every player will wear the correct uniform and a pair of sox for each game. The players are the only ones allowed to wear their jerseys at any time (in school and on the field). No jewelry will be worn at practice or a game (MSHSL rules).

Code of Conduct: All MSHSL rules apply. Any abusive language or other forms of misconduct may result in suspension of a game. Coaches will be left with the final decision. If problems persist, the player may be asked to leave the team.

Respect:  Players, coaches and parents are expected to respect each other, as well as the officials and other teams (especially during games). Please positively support our team when in attendance at games. 

Traveling: If there is a bus for an event, all players are expected to ride the bus. If for some reason a player can’t ride the bus, a note from their parent must be cleared through the athletic office and given to the coach ahead of time. Players are only allowed to go home with their own parents.

Attendance: Players are expected to be at all practices and events. Coaches should know ahead of time if this will happen. A missed practiced (even if excused) will result in making up the time with the coach (i.e., running laps after practice). An unexcused absence will result in making up time with the coach as well as sitting out a game. If an athlete is tardy they will need to make up their time with their coach after practice. This is designed to reward girls for working hard and making a commitment to their team. This program recognizes the importance of academics and religious commitments and will take these situations into account when deciding if it is an excused or unexcused absence. 

Coaches Availability: Any coach can be contacted by e-mail or by telephone through the main office. The coaching staff is not available to meet before or after a game. In an attempt to maintain team unity, please keep negative comments to yourself or voice your opinion to the coach personally. If you wish to speak with a coach, please contact them to set up an appropriate time and setting.

Lettering Policy: A player must complete the season in good standing and have played in at least 35 innings at the varsity level. A player may also letter if they have successfully completed three years at the B-squad, Junior Varsity and/or Varsity level, concluding with their senior year in order to earn a varsity letter.  

Athletic Eligibility: Athletes must be officially registered online by the first practice in order to participate, no exceptions!

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Head Coach

Lori Lightbody

Coach Lightbody is in her 16th year as head coach at SLP and has coached softball for over 20 years. She played collegiate softball at Bethel College. Lightbody has coached all age levels and been an active part in creating a SLP community softball program for girls age 5 – high school.


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