Girls Golf



Indoor Practice: We will practice at Westwood Middle School, above the weight room, while the weather is poor. We will hit balls, along with putting and working on our short game. Athletes will need a driver, a couple long irons, a wedge or 9 iron and a putter. If you do not have clubs, we have some the kids can use until they come up with their own. There is a shuttle bus from the middle school to the high school and it leaves about 5 minutes after the end of the school day. Students will need to find their own way home after practice.

Outdoor Practice: We practice at Victory Links Golf Course which is located at the National Sports Center off of Hwy 65 in Blaine.

Practice Times: Indoor practice will be from 3:30 to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. When we practice at the golf course, we usually go from 3:30-5 p.m. but those times may vary depending on weather and availability of the golf course. When we play 9 hole practice rounds, most days we are done closer to 5:30. Those athletes who are taking the shuttle bus will start practice whenever they get to the golf course. Usually around 3:40 to 3:45 p.m.

Golf season details

Levels of Competition: We will offer a Varsity, Junior Varsity team and a “B” squad this season.

Golf Matches: JV and varsity usually have conference matches on the same day and at the same site. There are a few exceptions that we do not including Invite tournaments, Conference Championships and the size of course. During a match, we have 6 players playing in the varsity match and 6 playing in the JV match. On occasion, we can bring extra players or a second team of 6 to our JV matches. Golf matches are at all different times of the day and students-athletes have the potential of missing part of their school day. Academics are the priority and if there is any concern of a student jeopardizing their academic standards, school attendance will take priority over participating in the golf match.

Equipment: All players will need a set of irons, a couple woods and a putter. The school will have golf bags available for the Varsity and JV players. If you do not have clubs and can not get any, we do have some available for the kids to us, but they are not the greatest.

Fees: There are no additional fees once you have signed up for golf as far a green fees, range tokens or tournament/bus fees. The only additional costs would be for team clothing and that is optional. Our older kids usually put together a package of clothes that usually cost between $50 to $80.

Transportation: Spring Lake Park Schools will provide a daily bus service from the high school to the golf course. Middle school students will be able to take the activity bus from the middle school to the high school, then take the bus from the high school to the golf course. We are currently working on a storage facility for the student/athletes to keep their clubs at the course.


Head Coach:

Tom Benson

Tom Benson