Weight Training

Panther Weight Room is an after school activity for all sports and recreational weight lifters.

Mission: Offer athletes and non-athletes the opportunity to develop strength and conditioning that will translate to competition success, injury prevention, and team cohesion.

Vision: To create well-rounded athletes ready for multiple sport opportunities and to instill the qualities: hard work, dedication, and persistence needed for success in life.

Fee: $25 per trimester, register online

Meeting Times and Fees

  • Weight Training meets in the wight room after school
  • Fall: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Winter and Spring: Monday-Friday
  • $25 per trimester, online registration. Add Overspeed Treadmill for $25 per trimester (optional)
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Jeff Schlieff

SLP students working out in the weight room
A student bench pressing