The art of forensics at the Varsity level combines public speaking and presentation skills.

The SLP Speech Team begins practicing for competitions in December. Practice sessions involve workshops, groups, and individual coaching time. Competition usually consists of three preliminary rounds and one final round at weekend invitations in January, February, and March. The first 3 rounds consist of 5 to 6 students of the same category and one judge.

After each round, students are given a rank, 1 meaning the best speaker, which are later added together to determine the overall rank. If there is a final round, the top competitors compete in the same fashion. At the end of a competition, there are awards presented to the top competitors in each category. A team award will be presented to the top finishing teams.


  • Description: A competitive speech team 6-12 grade; students may compete in 13 categories from Interpretive to Public Address.
  • Requirements/Expectations: Attendance at weekly (1/2 to 1 hr) sessions with coaching staff; attendance and participation in seasonal invitational and qualifying tournaments
  • Season: January through April
  • Times/Dates: After school individual sessions (one/week); tournaments held on Saturdays, Middle School meets are on Thursdays
  • Section competition: (top 3 in each category will move up to the State Competition). Place to be announced
  • State competition: Eastview High School April 22, 2022
  • Registration: November
  • Awards/Recognition: Team awards at banquet in May
  • 2022 Discussion Topic: What is the state of American Democracy in the 21st Century?
  • Coach: JaLene Rosengren
  • Assistant Coach: Shannah Anderson
  • Team Captains: Juwaria Jama, Jason Nguyen, and Kailez Campbell

Event Categories

You have the opportunity to choose from these 13 different competition categories when you join speech at Spring Lake Park. When you audition for the team, you'll tell us which ones interest you the most. Then we'll help you pick a category that you will enjoy and find success in. You might even have the opportunity to double enter if you're up to the challenge and we think you have what it takes.

  • Creative Expression: Students write and perform their own piece of original writing.
  • Drama, Poetry, and Prose Interpretation: In any of these categories, students choose a serious piece of literature and perform their own interpretation of it for the audience.
  • Extemporaneous Reading: Students choose a cutting from prose or poetry selections provided.
  • Storytelling: Students tell selected children's stories in their own words from the Gutenberg Project.
  • Dramatic Duos: Students work with a partner and perform a part of a play.
  • Humorous Interpretation: Students choose a comedic piece of literature and perform it.
  • Original Oratory, Informative, and Great Speeches: Students in any of these categories, write their own speeches based on their purpose: to persuade, inform, or analyze a great speech.
  • Discussion: Students research and discuss the year's topic with 5-7 other students.
  • Extemporaneous Speaking: Students study current events and give 7 minute speeches based on national and international politics.

Meeting Times and Fees

  • Monday-Thursday of each week from 3-4:30 p.m. in B200 and pods
  • Fee: 75

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JaLene Rosengren

Speech Advisor JaLene Rosengren

Shannah Anderson