Figure Skating

The Spring Lake Park Figure Skating Club exists to support those students in grades 6-12 who participate in the sport of figure skating. The club is open to both girls and boys who are figure skaters. Most club members belong to local community figure skating clubs, though which they take lessons from professional coaches who are registered with US Figure Skating, and they compete in sanctioned skating events at state and national levels. 

In addition to promoting the sport and each figure skater's pursuit of her or his highest level of skating, the club allows for its members to receive the same courtesy and empathy in academic considerations which traditional high school student athletes receive when events require being absent, leaving school early, or being tardy. The club also allows for the recognition of accomplishments and time commitment of figure skaters, with a high school letter award to those who meet the requirements and are selected for the award. Official high school athletic and activity recognition is important to college applicants. Only figure skaters who are current students of Spring Lake Park High School, enrolled in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 are eligible to earn a letter. 

For more information about the SLP Figure Skating Club, contact the club's faculty representative, Rachel Taran, who will connect you with the club's student leadership. 


Rachel Taran