The purpose of assessment in Spring Lake Park Schools is to gather data about student learning and inform decision making about academic programming and initiatives.

Assessment data is used in a variety of ways, including determining where a student is at in their learning and what should be their next step, informing the design of future student learning, examining and communicating academic growth, and evaluating educational programs.

Spring Lake Park’s comprehensive assessment program balances Assessments FOR Learning and Assessments OF Learning.

Assessments FOR Learning

Assessments for learning are formative assessments that happen while learning is occurring. They are used to determine student needs, plan instruction, and provide students with feedback they can use to improve their work. An example would be an assessment given during a unit to measure student progress toward the identified learning targets so that the teacher can modify instruction to meet student needs.

Assessments OF Learning

Assessments of learning are summative assessments that occur after learning has occurred. These assessments are used to measure achievement status at a point in time for the purpose of reporting and accountability. Assessments such as end-of-trimester tests, NWEA MAP tests, and Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA-IIIs) are examples of assessments OF learning.